LED Floodlight for Concrete, Steel or...
    Mini pool spotlight with niche
    Mini spotlight for fibre or steel pool
    LED Floodlight for Concrete, Steel or Fibreglass Pool Ladder
    Mini pool spotlight with niche
    Mini spotlight for fibre or steel pool

    LED Floodlight for Concrete, Steel or Fibreglass Pool Ladder

    Discover the Mini LED Spotlight, perfect for stairs, spas and children's pool areas. This small sized LED Ladder Spotlight, made of high quality ABS, is suitable for concrete, fibre and steel pools, with or without niche. With 3W of power, it offers a pleasant white illumination, ideal for small areas, providing safety and enhancing the aesthetics of the garden.

    • Compact and resistant design in top quality ABS.
    • Efficient 3W lighting, perfect for delicate areas such as stairs or children's areas.
    • Compatible with concrete, fibre and steel pools; includes niche for easy installation and maintenance.
    • Provides a pleasant white light, harmonising with the rest of your pool lighting.

    The LED Ladder Spotlight is the ideal solution to improve the safety and ambience of your pool, with a simple installation and a design that integrates perfectly into any pool environment.

    • RGB ON/OFF
    VAT included

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    Mini LED Pool Ladder Spotlight: Aesthetic and Safe Lighting

    Introducing the Mini LED Pool Ladder Spotlight, an innovative lighting solution designed to enhance the safety and aesthetics of critical pool areas. This compact spotlight is ideal for illuminating stairs, spas, beach areas and children's areas, providing a pleasant white light that enhances the visibility and ambience of your pool.

    Durable and Versatile Construction

    The LED Ladder Spotlight is constructed from premium quality ABS, a material known for its strength and durability in aquatic environments. Its compact and sturdy design makes it suitable for all types of pools, including concrete, fibre and steel. This spotlight is supplied with a niche for installations in concrete pools, facilitating maintenance and replacement without additional works. In addition, for fibre or steel pools, installation is simple and safe thanks to the included thread and O-rings.

    Efficient and Attractive Lighting

    With a power of 3W, the LED Ladder Spotlight illuminates efficiently, making it ideal for small areas where safety and visibility are crucial. Its white light creates a pleasant ambience, complementing and harmonising with the rest of your pool lighting. This combination of efficiency and aesthetics makes it an ideal choice to enhance both the functionality and beauty of your pool.

    Flexible and Easy Installation

    Versatility in installation is one of the main advantages of this spotlight. Whether you are building a new pool or upgrading an existing one, the Small LED Floodlight is perfectly suited to your needs. Its design allows for harmonious integration into the pool environment, enhancing aesthetics without compromising functionality.

    Key Benefits

    • Focused lighting for safety on stairs and play areas.
    • Durable design resistant to water and outdoor conditions.
    • Compatibility with various pool types and ease of installation.
    • Attractive aesthetics that enhance the visual experience of your pool.

    The Mini LED Pool Ladder Light is the ideal choice for pool owners looking for a safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. It offers a perfect combination of functionality, safety and design, making it an essential addition to any pool project.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Nominal Voltage
    12V AC
    Nominal Power (W)
    Dimensions (mm)
    95 x 115 (without niche)
    95 x 135 (with niche)
    Thread Ø 59
    Cable length
    145 cm (2 strands)

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