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Foco LED para Piscina Ø12CM RGB 4 Hilos + Mando - 1

Foco LED para Piscina Ø12CM RGB 4 Hilos + Mando

RGB 4-Wire LED Spotlight 6W with Remote Control: Light up any space with this Ø12CM RGB LED spotlight, perfect for pool lighting and other environments. It offers vivid colours and full control thanks to its 4-wire cable and WiFi controller compatibility. Includes remote control for easy customisation of lighting effects and colours, ensuring a unique and attractive ambience. IP68 protected, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, combining style, versatility and energy efficiency.

  • Versatile and Eye-catching: Ideal for decoration and lighting in a variety of spaces.
  • Total Control: 4-wire cable and remote control for easy customisation.
  • High Energy Efficiency: 6W LED technology for low power consumption.
  • IP68 Protection: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, waterproof.

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Transform your space with the RGB 4-Wire 6W LED RGB Spotlight with Remote Control

The RGB 4-Wire 6W RGB LED Floodlight with Remote Control is an advanced and versatile lighting solution designed to transform any space with light and colour. With a compact diameter of Ø12CM, this spotlight is perfect for a wide range of applications, from lighting swimming pools to creating unique indoor and outdoor environments. Its IP68 water resistance makes it ideal for any conditions, ensuring durability and performance.

Dynamic and Customisable Lighting

Equipped with RGB LED technology, the floodlight offers the ability to display a wide range of colours, allowing you to customise the ambiance to your liking. The inclusion of a 4-wire cable facilitates independent control of each colour, providing endless possibilities for creating personalised and dynamic lighting effects. Whether you're looking for a soft, soothing tone or a vibrant, energetic combination, this LED spotlight has the flexibility to suit any mood or event.

Intuitive Control and Easy Installation

Convenience is at the heart of this LED spotlight's design. It comes with a remote control that simplifies colour selection and effect programming, making customising your lighting as easy as pressing a button. In addition, its compatibility with WiFi controllers expands your control options, allowing you to adjust your lighting even when you are not physically present. This feature is especially useful for creating the perfect ambience before you arrive home or in a commercial establishment.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

With a power consumption of just 6W, this RGB LED spotlight is not only powerful but also incredibly energy efficient. LED technology ensures that maximum energy is converted into light, reducing wasted heat and minimising energy consumption. This efficiency contributes to a lower environmental impact and significant savings on electricity bills, making it a smart choice for conscious consumption.

Versatile Applications

The RGB 4-Wire 6W RGB LED Floodlight with Remote Control is ideal for a variety of uses, including decorative lighting in homes, businesses, special events, and more. Its IP68 protection makes it robust enough for pool lighting and other outdoor applications, withstanding the elements and water immersion without compromising performance or appearance.

If you're looking for a lighting solution that combines style, versatility, energy efficiency and intuitive control, the RGB 4-Wire 6W LED RGB Floodlight with Remote Control is the perfect choice. Transform any space with light and colour, creating unique environments that reflect your personality and needs.

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