Filter M-3000 BAEZA side inlets (without valve) - 1

    Filter M-3000 BAEZA Side Intakes (without valve)

    Swimming pool filter with side ports, designed for efficient filtration and easy integration into existing pool systems.

    • Simple Integration: Side ports for hassle-free connection to existing filtration systems.
    • Effective Filtration: Designed to maximise filtration efficiency, keeping pool water crystal clear.
    • Durable Construction: Manufactured from high quality materials for long life and minimal maintenance.
    • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of pool sizes and types, both residential and commercial.
    Tube diameter
    • ø 430 LATERAL
    • ø 480 LATERAL
    • ø 560 LATERAL
    VAT included

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    Swimming Pool Side Inlet Filter

    Discover superior efficiency and functionality with the Pool Side Intake Filter. Designed to fit perfectly into a variety of pool systems, this filter offers an exceptional filtration solution without the need for an integrated valve.

    Innovative Features

    • Effortless Connection: Side ports allow for easy installation and seamless integration with existing filtration systems.
    • Advanced Filtration: Optimised design ensures deep and effective water cleaning, removing impurities and maintaining water clarity.
    • High Quality Material: Constructed with durable components to resist wear and tear and ensure long-term performance.

    Key Benefits

    The side inlet pool filter is designed with functionality and efficiency in mind. Its high capacity filtration system ensures that your pool water is always clean and clear, providing a safe and enjoyable swimming environment.

    Versatile Applications

    Ideal for a wide range of applications, this filter is suitable for both residential and commercial pools. Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for any pool owner or professional looking for a reliable, hassle-free filtration solution.

    Simplified Maintenance

    Designed for easy access and maintenance, this filter ensures that cleaning and repair work is carried out quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort.

    In short, the Side Inlet Pool Filter is the ideal solution for those looking for efficiency, durability and ease of use in their pool filtration system.

    - Equipped with integrated pressure gauge and air-water drain.

    - Light grey colour.

    - Maximum working pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2.

    - Filtration speed: 50 m3/h/m2

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