Filter M-3000 BAEZA top/side valve - 3

    Filter with Valve M-3000

    Valve Filter: an advanced and efficient solution for the filtration of your pool. Designed for optimum performance and easy installation.

    • Innovative Design: Manufactured in one piece plastic material, free of joints, by blowing process.
    • Superior Functionality: Equipped with 1 1/2" top valve, pressure gauge and integrated air-water purge.
    • Filtration Efficiency: Filtration rate of 50 m3/h/m2, with a maximum working pressure of 2.5 kg/cm².
    • Versatility: Available in various diameters to suit different pool requirements.
    Tube diameter
    • ø 430 SUPERIOR
    • ø 480 SUPERIOR
    • ø 560 SUPERIOR
    • ø 430 LATERAL
    • ø 480 LATERAL
    • ø 560 LATERAL
    VAT included

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    Swimming Pool Filter M-3000 BAEZA with Valve

    The Valve Filter is an advanced and efficient solution for swimming pool filtration. Designed with the latest technology, this filter guarantees clean and safe water, essential for the enjoyment and health of your pool.

    Main Features

    • Manufactured in one-piece plastic material without joints, which guarantees its durability and resistance.
    • Includes a 1 1/2" side valve or top valve depending on the model, which facilitates operation and maintenance.
    • Equipped with integrated pressure gauge and air-water purge, for efficient and easy control.
    • Capacity to withstand a maximum working pressure of 2.5 kg/cm2, adapting to different pool sizes and needs.
    • Filtration speed of 50 m3/h/m2, ensuring fast and effective water cleaning.

    Benefits of the M-3000 Filter

    The M-3000 BAEZA pool filter is renowned for its filtration efficiency, retaining impurities and particles, guaranteeing crystal clear water. Its innovative design and high quality material make it a durable and reliable choice for all types of pools, from residential to commercial.

    Installation and Maintenance

    Ease of installation is one of the great advantages of this filter. It is also easy to maintain thanks to its practical and accessible design, making it an excellent choice for pool owners looking for a low-maintenance, high-efficiency product.

    In conclusion, the Valve Filter represents a smart investment for the care of your pool, ensuring clean and safe water to enjoy for a long time to come.

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