Wall or floor steel winder
    Crank winder for in-ground and above-ground pools - 2
    With crank handle, suitable for above-ground pools
    Wall or floor steel winder
    Crank winder for in-ground and above-ground pools - 2
    With crank handle, suitable for above-ground pools

    Crank winder for in-ground and above-ground pools

    Hand crank roller, ideal for covers and thermal blankets. Its versatile design allows installation on the floor, wall or edges of prefabricated pools up to 6.5 metres wide.

    • Adaptable: Telescopic tubes for perfect adjustment to the pool width.
    • Versatile: Suitable for above-ground or in-ground pools, improves thermal blanket management.
    • Complete: Includes clamps and accessories for easy installation.
    • Durable: Stainless steel brackets ensure strength and long life.
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    Fixed Crank Roller

    The crank winder is the ultimate solution for the efficient handling of pool covers or blankets in both above ground and in-ground pools. This device stands out for its versatility and ease of use, offering a practical and durable solution for pool owners looking to maximise the comfort and prolong the life of their heating blankets.

    Essential Features

    • Installation Versatility: Designed for maximum flexibility, this roller can be installed anchored to the floor, wall or edges of prefabricated above ground pools, suitable for widths up to 6.5 metres. Its ability to adapt to different configurations makes it an ideal choice for any type of pool.
    • Adaptability: Thanks to its Ø81mm telescopic tubes, the roller easily adjusts to the specific width of your pool, guaranteeing total and effective coverage of the thermal blanket.
    • Ease of Use: Hand crank operation simplifies the task of extending and retracting the cover, making the process quick, simple and effortless, encouraging regular use of the heating blanket to maintain water temperature.
    • Durable Construction: With brackets manufactured from stainless steel, this winder promises rust resistance and durability, ensuring reliable long-term performance in all weather conditions.

    Benefits of the Crank Reel

    Implementing the crank winder in your pool offers multiple benefits. In addition to making the daily management of the cover easier, it helps keep the water at a comfortable temperature, reduces evaporation and protects the pool from dirt and debris. This not only enhances the swimming experience, but also contributes to a significant reduction in maintenance and water heating costs.

    Versatile Applications

    Whether you have a demountable pool, a fixed in-ground pool or a wall-mounted installation, this roller is perfectly suited to your needs. Its inclusive design and the accessories provided allow for custom installation, making the Crank Reel a valuable and practical addition for any pool owner who values efficiency and durability.

    The CrankReel is an indispensable addition to the care and maintenance of your pool. Offering a unique combination of versatility, durability and ease of use, this device is designed to elevate your pool experience to a new level of comfort and convenience.

    Product Details

    3,2 - 4,2 m
    4,2 - 5,5 m
    4,9 - 6,5 m
    Tube diameter

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