Here we will tell you how swimming pool heat pumps are a cost-effective solution for maintaining good water temperature. By using this type of accessory, you can enjoy your pool even on the coldest days.

There's nothing like a nice dip to take a break from everyday commitments. But when the water temperature is too cold it is no longer a comfortable plan. That's when we ask ourselves, how do you heat the water in your pool? We'll tell you all about it!

how do I heat my pool water?

There are several methods that help to heat pool water, but it is advisable to analyse the pros and cons of each option. The best alternatives are those that reflect greater power and have a longer lifespan.

Here are some options for heating your pool water.

Swimming pool heat pump

Powerful device that uses warm air from the outside to maintain an optimal climate in the pool water. All of its models are competent.

Electric pool heater

It is installed in the filter network of the pool and generates heat through the use of a heating element. Depending on its size it can show its power.

Solar pool heater

Using solar energy panels it is possible to heat the pool water. It involves lower electricity costs but higher installation and maintenance costs.

Swimming pool heat pumps

A swimming pool heat pump is the most powerful product for maintaining a stable temperature throughout the time the pool is in use. Best of all, it is an investment that offers significant benefits.

Its operation is practical, it uses the hot air from outside and from this it manages to heat the water. It is also easier to install, you only need to use a connection from the water circuit and identify the pool's electrical current.


  • Power: it is useful to heat the water at all times and very quickly, due to its power. Thanks to its high performance it is able to heat very well the water of pools no matter how big they are.
  • Comfort: the new models of heat pumps for swimming pools integrate a sophisticated system that avoids generating distractions due to noise.
  • Savings: despite being a very powerful product for heating the pool, it manages to generate significant savings in energy consumption. Some models stand out thanks to this. This is achieved with COP capacities of more than 14 in the new inverter models. These models are capable of generating 14 kW of heat for every kW of energy consumed.

Electric pool heater

It heats the water thanks to its electrical resistance. The installation process is often complicated and must be carried out by specialists.

In addition, it is necessary to choose a model that meets the needs of the pool, which can increase the price. Generally it works well in above ground pools, but unlike mini heat pumps, they offer a much higher consumption, significantly increasing the electricity bill.

Hot water swimming pool heat pump

Solar pool heater

In very hot areas where sunlight can be captured well, this measure can work. But in areas lacking this attribute the performance will be inefficient, so it is not a versatile solution. In any case, this system generates more heat when it is least needed.

Although this pool heating system tends to be very powerful in sunny areas, it tends to result in high installation and maintenance costs. In addition, they require a lot of space and do not offer precise control of the water temperature.

which heat pump do I need for my pool?

An Inverter pool heat pump is the best choice for pool heating, thanks to its speed, balance and great functionality.

However, because there are so many models of pool heat pumps, it is sometimes difficult to choose the ideal model.

These equipments are divided in terms of their ranges, we can find in the market the following classifications:

There are even heat pump offers for Jacuzzi, in this case the models are smaller. You have to take into account the dimensions of your pool and the power you wish to obtain.

We will introduce you to some outstanding models below. In this way, you will get to know the range of this type of equipment for heating pool water.

Full Inverter heat pumps also achieve energy savings of up to 45% compared to traditional heat pumps.

The latest models have WiFi control. This allows us to control the heat pump at all times and adjust the water temperature whenever we have an internet connection from our mobile phone. Very useful, for example, to preheat the water in our pool before the holidays.

how much does it cost to heat my pool water?

Inverter pool heat pump 13 kW

  • It can be controlled remotely thanks to the integrated WiFi connection, and can also be operated via the mobile app.
  • It is highly resistant, designed in a titanium material that resists corrosion.
  • It can heat large pools in a stable manner thanks to its power. It is suitable for models of 65m3.
  • It includes a functional and comfortable system, it is a sophisticated and silent equipment as well as achieving energy savings.

16 kW Inverter WiFi pool heat pump

are you looking for powerful swimming pool heat pumps? This model can heat water in spaces up to 80 m3.

In addition to its outstanding power of 16 kW, it stands out because it can be used remotely via mobile App or WiFi connection.

It tolerates very specific conditions and is even suitable for heating saltwater pools. It is a robust but silent unit, as well as being resistant to impact and corrosion.

Inverter heat pump 32 kW WiFi swimming pool

Sometimes it is difficult to heat the water in such large pools, but with the products we offer at this no longer has to be a challenge.

The Full Inverter heat pump has a distinguished power of 32 kW, suitable for heating pools up to 140 m3.

Although it is a large model, it is very easy to install and once it has been programmed you will not notice its presence as it is a silent model.

how much does it cost to heat my pool water?

That is the question most people ask.

Although swimming pool heat pumps involve a large initial investment, they do not require a lot of maintenance costs. In addition to demonstrating a long service life, it is extremely powerful and fulfils its purpose very well.

The price will depend on the size of the pool, because more power will be needed depending on the size of the pool. A small pool heat pump can cost less than 600 euros.

And logically, larger models with higher performance will be more expensive due to their higher efficiency.

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