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copy of Residential earth leakage 30mA 6KA 1P+N type AC - 1
copy of Residential earth leakage 30mA 6KA 1P+N type AC - 2
copy of Residential earth leakage 30mA 6KA 1P+N type AC - 3
copy of Residential earth leakage 30mA 6KA 1P+N type AC - 1
copy of Residential earth leakage 30mA 6KA 1P+N type AC - 2
copy of Residential earth leakage 30mA 6KA 1P+N type AC - 3

Residential residual current device 30mA 6KA 1P+N type A

Residential Differential 30mA 6KA 1P+N Type A: Protects your home from electric shocks and fires. Detects AC/DC current unbalance, preventing faults. Complies with IEC 611008, CB and CE certificates.

  • Advanced Electrical Protection: 6KA breaking capacity and 30mA sensitivity.
  • Enhanced Residential Safety: Ideal for protecting against earth faults and incorrect wiring.
  • Type A Differential: Specialised for AC and DC installations, ensuring complete protection.
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Maximise your Home Security with the 30mA 6KA 1P+N Type A Residential Resident Resident Resident Resident Circuit Breaker

Introducing the innovative 30mA 6KA 1P+N Type A Residential Differential, meticulously designed to provide superior electrical protection in your home. This state-of-the-art device is essential for any electrical installation, offering a foolproof barrier against electric shock, fire and faults caused by earth faults or incorrect wiring. Its compatibility with AC and DC systems makes it a comprehensive solution for residential electrical safety.

Advanced Electrical Protection

The residential differential stands out for its ability to detect imbalances between phase current and neutral current, acting instantly to interrupt the current and prevent potential accidents. With an actual breaking capacity of 6KA and a sensitivity of 30mA, this device exceeds expectations in terms of safety and reliability, complying with IEC 611008 and boasting CB and CE certificates.

Key Features for Residential Safety

  • Electric Shock Prevention: Specially designed to protect people from dangerous electric shocks, ensuring a safe environment for your family.
  • Fire Protection: Detects faults that could cause fires, offering an additional layer of safety to your home.
  • Type A Design: Suitable for both AC and DC applications, this circuit breaker ensures complete and versatile protection.

Installation and Compatibility

With an intuitive and easy-to-install design, the 30mA 6KA 1P+N Type A Residential Resident Residual Current Circuit Breaker is perfect for integration into existing or new electrical systems, without the need for complex modifications. Its robustness and reliability make it the ideal choice for modern homes looking for maximum safety without compromising on comfort or design.

By choosing the 30mA 6KA 1P+N Type A Residential Earth leakage circuit breaker, you are investing in peace of mind, security and state-of-the-art protection for your home. Protect your family and your property with the most advanced technology in electrical protection.

Product Details

Current (A)
Type of CDW
Sensitivity (mA)
Voltage (Ue)
Short-circuit rating (Icn) according to IEC / EN 60898
IEC/EN 60898-1
Mechanical Durability
20000 cycles
Electrical durability
10000 cycles
Working temperature
Rated breaking capacity (Icn)
[Ui] Rated insulation voltage
[Uimp] Rated impulse withstand voltage
TSL3-63 2P 63A (A)

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