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    1-Pump Piezoelectric Electric Panel

    Piezo Electric Panel: Innovation and control for spas and wet areas. This system allows the efficient management of water or air pumps with a simple piezoelectric push button, ideal for waterfalls, massage cannons, massage jets or bubble motors.

    • 12V transformer: Safe and efficient for the push button.
    • Safety Differential: Guaranteed protection for your equipment and people.
    • Selectable Motor Guard: Tailor-made adjustment for various applications.
    • Multifunction Timer: Full control with timer functions and run/pause cycles.
    • Easy Installation: Simple to configure to your spa's specific needs.

    Piezo electric panel perfect for waterfall control, and adaptable to any needs of your spa or hot tub. Contact us for a customised solution.

    Water pump
    VAT included

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    Piezo Electric Panel: Optimisation and Control for Spas. This advanced system is a comprehensive solution for the management of water or air pumps in relaxation and wellness environments such as spas, hot tubs, and massage areas. Its versatile design makes it ideal for a variety of applications, including waterfalls, massage cannons, massage jets, and bubble systems.

    Components included:

    • 12V transformer: Allows safe water activation of the pulsator with full guarantee.
    • Differential 25A 30mA: Prevents earth leakage and electric shocks, guarantees maximum safety in your installation.
    • Motor protection: Protects your pump against overloads and short circuits. Select the model that best suits your pump.
    • Multifunction timer: Allows the water pump to be switched on and off from the push button, and also allows timed on/off switching among other functions.

    Our piezo electric panel includes everything necessary for the correct safe operation of the water pump or air pump avoiding costly breakdowns or electrical accidents.

    Main features:

    • 12V transformer: Ensures safe and efficient operation of the piezo push button.
    • Safety Differential: Protects your equipment against electrical fluctuations and overloads, guaranteeing a long service life.
    • Selectable Motor Guard: Adaptable for different types of motors, offering flexibility and efficiency in its use.
    • Multifunction Timer: Allows precise control with direct on/off, programmable timer and intermittent duty cycles, preventing wear and tear from continuous pump use.
    • Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and easy installation, with customisable configuration options to suit specific customer needs.

    User Benefits: The Piezo Electric Panel is more than just a component; it is a solution to enhance the spa and relaxation area experience. With it, precise and efficient control of the water and air elements is achieved, improving the quality of the service offered and increasing customer satisfaction. Its adaptable design and customisability make it a preferred choice for professionals in the sector.

    In addition, safety is a priority in this electrical panel. Each component is designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring a risk-free environment for users and equipment.

    For specific requirements or customisations, our team is available to advise you and find the best solution to suit your needs. Contact us for more information and custom configurations.

    With the Piezo Electric Panel, you are choosing an advanced, reliable and adaptable technology, designed to enrich the spa and wellness experience. A step into the future in managing relaxing and rejuvenating environments.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)220 x (W)250 x (D)120mm
    CE & RoHS


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