SPA electrical control panel
    Backlit electric pushbutton
    SPA electrical control panel
    Backlit electric pushbutton

    Touch Spa Controller

    Piezo Push Button Spa Controller: Integral system to control essential functions in spas and hot tubs, including air and water pumps, and LED lights.

    • Control Capability: Manages one water pump (AC230V/3CV MAX), one air pump (AC230V/1.5CV MAX) and LED lights (AC12V/10W MAX).
    • Intuitive Control Panel: Illuminated electronic touch button for easy operation, even at night. Flat, aesthetically pleasing, water and sun resistant design.
    • Safety and Reliability: Includes safety differential and electrical panel for safe and efficient operation in the spa area.
    VAT included

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    Advanced Spa Controller with Piezoelectric Push Button

    The Spa Controller represents the state of the art in spa and hot tub control systems, offering a complete and efficient solution for managing the essential functions of your aquatic relaxation space.

    Controller Features

    • Versatile Pump Control: Capable of handling a water pump up to AC230V/3CV and an air pump up to AC230V/1.5CV, this controller facilitates a complete and relaxing spa experience.
    • Integrated LED Lighting: Controls LED lighting up to AC12V/10W, ideal for small spotlights in the spa, creating the perfect ambience for relaxation and enjoyment.
    • Design and Operability: With an electronic touch button, this system offers intuitive and simple control. Its flat, aesthetic, water and sun resistant design makes it ideal for any spa or hot tub configuration.

    Safety and Reliability

    Including a safety differential and an electrical panel, the Spa Controller ensures safe and trouble-free operation, protecting both users and equipment.

    Night and Aesthetic Control

    The control panel is illuminated, making it easy to use at night and adding a touch of elegance to your spa. Its flat, modern design is not only functional but also complements the aesthetics of any spa or hot tub environment.

    With the Piezo Push Button Spa Controller, you will enjoy precise and easy control of all your spa's functions, from water and air pumps to lighting, all with maximum safety and style. It is the ideal choice for those looking to enhance their spa experience with state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated design.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)265 x (W)300 x (D)130mm
    CE/ ROHS
    ControlBox Spa

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