Pool Electrical Panel with Power Supply 150W - 7
    Electrical panel for swimming pool with 150W DC power supply - 2 -
    Pool Electrical Panel with Power Supply 150W - 7
    Electrical panel for swimming pool with 150W DC power supply - 2 -

    Electrical Panel with Transformer 12V DC 150W for Swimming Pool

    Electrical Panel for Swimming Pool with 12V DC Transformer. Its ample size allows it to comfortably house a 150W power supply, as well as a system to control your white or RGB LED lighting system (RGB systems with 4 or 5 wire cable). The power supply, as well as the optional controllers are delivered installed inside, so that you only have to connect the 12V DC lighting elements, your filtration pump and the general power connection of the house.

    Main features:

    • Includes motor guard, select the most suitable for your pump.
    • Includes clock for automatic operation of the filtration pump.
    • Optional LED remote control.
    Water pump
    • 150W 12V DC
    • Without transformer
    Remote control for lighting
    VAT included

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    Electrical Panel with 12V DC Transformer for Swimming Pools

    Electrical panel with 12V DC transformer, specifically designed for swimming pool lighting systems. This electrical panel is the perfect solution for those looking for efficiency, safety and versatility in the management of lighting and filtration of your pool.

    Outstanding features

    • 12V DC Power Supply: Equipped with a 150W power supply, ideal for LED spotlights and RGB systems, compatible with 4 or 5 wire cables, offering safe and efficient operation.
    • Motor Guard Included: Comes with a motor guard, customisable to suit your filtration pump, ensuring optimum protection and reliable operation.
    • Weekly Digital Timer: A digital timer allows weekly programming for automatic operation of the filtration pump, optimising energy efficiency and convenience.
    • Versatile Lighting Control: Compatible with white and RGB LED lighting, it allows you to create unique ambiances in your pool. The LED remote control option adds an extra layer of convenience.

    Practical and Safe Design

    The design of the electrical panel is designed to ensure ease of installation and use. Housed in a robust IP65 enclosure, it ensures protection against dust and moisture, ideal for outdoor environments. Its large size facilitates installation and maintenance of the internal components.

    Installation and Compatibility

    With the delivery of the control panel, all essential components are pre-installed. This includes the power supply and optional controllers, meaning you only need to connect the LED lights, filtration pump and the general electrical connection to your home. It is compatible with both 4- and 5-wire wiring systems, offering flexibility for different lighting configurations.

    Recommendations and Applications

    This electrical panel is not only a functional option but also an investment in the aesthetics and safety of your pool. Its ability to handle a variety of lighting systems and its compatibility with different types of filtration pumps make it suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial pool applications.

    The 12V DC Transformer Panel is your ideal partner for a safe, efficient and visually stunning pool. With its advanced technology and practical design, it represents the perfect choice for any pool project.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)265 x (W)300 x (D)130mm
    150W 12V DC

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