Electrical panel for swimming pool with contactor and power supply
    Swimming Pool Electrical Panel with Contactor for Motor and Chlorinator - 1
    Electrical panel for swimming pool with contactor and power supply
    Swimming Pool Electrical Panel with Contactor for Motor and Chlorinator - 1

    Swimming Pool Electrical Panel with Transformer, Contactor for Motor and Chlorinator

    Electrical panel for swimming pool with 12V DC power supply. Its large size allows it to comfortably house a power supply of up to 350W, as well as a system to control your white or RGB LED lighting system (RGB systems with 4 or 5 wire cable). The power supply as well as the optional controllers are delivered installed inside, so that you only have to connect the 12V DC lighting elements, your filtration pump and the general power connection of the house.

    • Motor guard, select the most suitable for your pump.
    • Clock for automatic operation of the filtrationpump.
    • Contactor for the motor.
    • Contactor for the chlorinator system.
    Water pump
    • 150W 12V DC
    Remote control for lighting
    VAT included Entrega en 24h

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    Electrical Panel with Motor Contactor: Integral Solution for Swimming Pools

    The Electrical Panel with Motor Contactor represents the state of the art in swimming pool electrical management. Designed for efficiency and safety, this panel is ideal for white or RGB LED lighting systems and is perfectly suited to the needs of pools with chlorination systems.

    Large Capacity and Versatility

    Its spacious design allows for the integration of a power supply of up to 350W, making it ideal for driving advanced LED lighting systems, both white and RGB. This capacity ensures optimal illumination and adaptability to create bright and attractive environments in your pool.

    Essential Components for Efficient Performance

    • Adjustable Motor Guard: Includes a selectable motor guard to protect your filtration pump, enhancing its durability and efficiency.
    • Automatic Filter Pump Clock: Facilitates automatic pump programming and management, ensuring efficient water treatment.
    • Motor Contactor: Essential for efficient motor operation, this component ensures smooth and reliable operation.
    • Chlorination System Contactor: Allows for seamless integration of the chlorination system, keeping pool water clean and safe.

    Simplified Installation and Convenient Operation

    With all essential components, including controllers, pre-installed, the Motor Contactor Control Panel facilitates quick and hassle-free installation. Its design allows direct connection to the 12V DC lighting fixtures, filtration pump and your home's mains power supply.

    Safety and Durability Guaranteed

    Designed with durability and safety in mind, this electrical panel is ideal for swimming pool environments, offering long-term safe and efficient operation. The 12V DC power supply ensures safe operation, especially in wet and outdoor environments.

    The Motor Contactor Control Panel is the perfect solution for those looking for efficiency, control and safety in the electrical management of their pool. Its advanced design and high quality features offer optimum performance and lasting peace of mind in the maintenance of your aquatic space.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)265 x (W)300 x (D)130mm
    150W 12V DC
    For Chlorinator and for motor (2 contactors)

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