Basic electrical panel for swimming pool

    Electrical Panel for Swimming Pool - Basic

    Compact Pool Control Panel: Optimised for the automatic control of filtration systems in pools without lighting. This robust and easy to install control cabinet.

    • Advanced Safety: Includes a 25A 30mA safety differential for safe and reliable operation.
    • Adjustable Motor Guard: Compatible with pumps from 0.5 - 2 HP, adaptable to your specific needs.
    • Automatic Control: Equipped with digital clock for weekly programming, making it easy to manage without opening the cover.
    • Durable Design: Compact enclosure, IP65 certified, guarantees resistance to outdoor conditions such as rain and sun.

    Simplified installation and use, with telephone support available. Find out more in our blog and user manual.

    Water pump
    VAT included

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    Pool Pump Control Panel

    The compact and robust Swimming Pool Control Panel is the ideal solution for controlling swimming pool filtration systems, especially designed for unlit pools. This control cabinet offers a unique combination of efficiency, safety and ease of use, perfect for residential and commercial unlit pools.

    Key Features

    • Safety Differential: Equipped with a 25A 30mA differential, this electrical panel guarantees complete protection against leakage currents, ensuring safe and reliable operation at all times. This offers safety for users and also for the installed equipment.
    • Adaptable Motor Guard: Capable of handling pumps from 0.5 to 2 HP, it offers flexibility and adaptability, allowing a perfect fit for different sizes and types of pool pumps. The motor guard allows the correct protection of your water pump, avoiding breakdowns due to overloads or short circuits.
    • Intuitive Digital Clock: The built-in digital clock allows easy and accurate weekly programming, automating pump control and reducing the need for manual intervention.

    Usage Benefits

    The compact, weatherproof design (IP65) of this control panel makes it ideal for outdoor use, effectively protecting it from rain and sun. Installation is simple, and the interior space is optimised for easy access and cable connection. In addition, the operation of the single motor pool control panel is so efficient that it does not require the cover to be opened for routine adjustments.

    Installation and Support

    We understand that installation can be a challenge, so we offer telephone support to guide you through the process. In addition, you will find a detailed user manual on our blog, which will help you make the most of the capabilities of this electrical panel.

    Investing in our Swimming Pool Control Panel means choosing peace of mind, safety and efficiency. It is the perfect choice for those looking for superior performance in the management of their pool.

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    Necesitaba un cuadro para una instalación de piscina con una bomba de 3/4 CV. El cuadro para bomba de 1/2 CV me ha valido perfectamente ajustando los amperios en el límite superior.Por lo demás, el envío llegó a tiempo y el cuadro muy fácil de montar sustituyendo a un programador de hace 13 años que ya no iba bien.

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