Electrical panel for swimming pool suitable for chlorinator and motor contactor with 50W transformer - 1

    Outdoor Electrical Panel for Swimming Pool suitable for Chlorinator and Motor Contactor with 50W Transformer

    Compact electric panel for swimming pool with motor guard, contactor for chlorinator and transformer. It has a contactor to power the chlorinator and the PH pump, activating these elements at the same time as the filtration pump. Optionally we can install for you a remote control system to turn on and off the lights of your pool. Thanks to its installation guide any user can install and use.

    Main characteristics:

    • Motor guard.
    • Includes contactor for the chlorination system.
    • Contactor for chlorinator and PH pump.
    • Clock for automatic control of the filtration pump

    Water pump
    Remote control for lighting
    Delivery in 24h
    VAT included Entrega en 24h

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    Outdoor Electrical Panel: The Complete Solution for Swimming Pools

    Introducing the advanced Outdoor Electrical Panel, designed specifically for swimming pools. This compact system integrates a motor guard, chlorinator contactor, and transformer, ensuring efficient and safe operation of your pool. Its innovative design makes it ideal for both residential and commercial use, offering a complete solution for lighting management and water treatment.

    Key Components and Functionalities

    • Motor Guard: This crucial component protects the filtration pump motor from overloading, prolonging its life and ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
    • Chlorinator and PH Pump Contactor: Activates the chlorinator and PH pump simultaneously with the filtration pump, ensuring efficient and synchronised water treatment.
    • 12V AC Transformer: Provides safe, low voltage power, ideal for pool lighting systems and other electrical accessories.
    • Digital Timer Clock: Allows automatic programming of filtration pump operation, optimising energy usage and maintaining water quality.

    Advanced Safety and Security

    The Outdoor Electrical Panel is equipped with a 25A 30mA differential, providing additional protection against residual currents and possible electrical faults. This ensures safe and reliable operation, protecting both users and connected equipment.

    Ease of Installation and Use

    With its detailed installation guide, the Outdoor Power Panel can be easily installed by any user. This accessibility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from residential swimming pools to larger commercial installations.

    Customisation Options

    In addition, we offer the possibility to install an optional remote control system for switching the pool lights on and off. This functionality brings an additional level of convenience and control, allowing you to manage your pool lighting with ease.

    The Outdoor Electrical Panel represents the perfect combination of advanced technology, safety and ease of use, making it an exceptional choice for any pool owner. By investing in this electrical panel, you ensure efficient, safe and comfortable operation of your pool.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)265 x (W)300 x (D)130mm
    50W 12V AC
    For Chlorinator and for motor (2 contactors)

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