Electrical panel for swimming pool with transformer suitable for Chlorinator - 1 -
    Electrical panel for swimming pool with transformer suitable for Chlorinator - 12
    Electrical panel for swimming pool with transformer suitable for Chlorinator - 1 -
    Electrical panel for swimming pool with transformer suitable for Chlorinator - 12

    Electrical Panel with Transformer and Contactor for Swimming Pool

    Electrical panel for swimming pool with 12V AC safety transformer for LED and halogen lights suitable for pools with chlorinator. Its ample size allows it to comfortably house a 300W transformer, as well as a system to control your white or RGB LED lighting system (RGB ON/OFF systems). The transformer, as well as the optional controllers are delivered installed inside, so that you only have to connect the 12V AC lighting elements, your filtration pump and the general power connection of the house.

    Main features:

    • Includes motor guard, select the most suitable for your filtration pump.
    • Includes clock for automatic operation of the filtration pump.
    • Includes Contactor for chlorinator.
    Water pump
    • 100W 12V/AC
    • 300W 12V/AC
    • Without transformer
    Remote control for lighting
    Delivery in 24h
    VAT included Entrega en 24h

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    Electrical Panel with Transformer: The Complete Solution for Swimming Pools

    Introducing the Electrical Panel with Transformer, a complete solution for pool lighting and control. Equipped with a 12V AC safety transformer, this panel is perfect for LED and halogen lights, and is especially suitable for pools with a chlorinator. Its spacious design comfortably accommodates up to a 300W transformer, providing ample capacity for both white and RGB lighting systems.

    Features and Highlights

    • Adjustable Motor Guard: Includes a selectable motor guard to suit the needs of your filtration pump, ensuring optimum protection and efficiency.
    • Clock for Automatic Operation: Equipped with a digital clock for programmed control of the filtration pump, with weekly and standby programming options.
    • Chlorinator Contactor: This component ensures that the chlorinator operates efficiently and safely, integrated to improve the water quality of your pool.

    High Capacity and Safety Transformer

    The core of the Transformer Power Box is its 12V AC 130VA transformer, ideal for powering LED and halogen lights. This transformer ensures safe operation, reducing electrical risk in wet environments and providing reliable, energy efficient lighting for your pool.

    Installation and Convenience

    This electrical panel is delivered with the transformer and controller (optional) already installed, facilitating quick and easy installation. You only need to connect the lighting elements, the filtration pump and the general electrical connection, making it accessible to any user, regardless of technical experience.

    Comprehensive Protection and Performance

    In addition, the panel includes a differential and a circuit breaker for the lights, providing complete and reliable protection against overloads and short circuits, ensuring the safety and durability of your pool's electrical system.

    TheElectrical Panel with Transformer is an exceptional choice for pool owners looking for a safe, efficient and easy-to-install lighting solution. With this panel, you get not only total control over your pool's lighting and filtration, but also the peace of mind of a safe and reliable electrical system.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)265 x (W)300 x (D)130mm
    100W 12V AC
    300W 12V AC
    For Chlorinator

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