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    Three-phase Electrical Panel for Swimming Pool with Transformer

    Three-phase electrical panel with transformer. Designed for efficient management, this panel allows the three-phase pump and the 12V AC lighting system to be powered and protected. Its simple programming facilitates the management of the filtration system, while the IP65 enclosure ensures safe installation both indoors and outdoors.

    • Integral Protection: Includes three-phase differential, customisable motor protection and circuit breaker.
    • Easy Programming: With time switch for the filtration pump and contactor for the motor.
    • 12V AC transformer: Provides reliable power supply to the lighting system.
    • Installation Versatility: IP65 enclosure mounting to suit any environment.
    Water pump
    • 100W 12V/AC
    • 300W 12V/AC
    • Without transformer
    Remote control for lighting
    VAT included

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    Three-phase swimming pool electrical panel

    The Three Phase Pool Control Panel with transformer is a comprehensive solution designed for the optimal management of your pool lighting and filtration. This advanced system not only efficiently powers and protects the three-phase pump of different wattages, but also facilitates easy programming for the filtration system, ensuring continuous and efficient operation.

    Essential Features

    • 12V AC Shielded Transformer: This key component safely supplies power to your pool lighting system, protecting against power surges and ensuring stable and reliable lighting.
    • Complete Protection: Equipped with a three-phase differential and a motor guard that can be configured according to the customer's specific needs, this electrical panel offers comprehensive protection against any electrical anomaly, from overloads to short circuits.
    • Easy Control and Programming: Includes a time switch for the filtration pump and a contactor for the motor, allowing efficient management of the pool's cleaning and maintenance cycle.
    • IP65 Surface Box: The robustness of the IP65 box ensures that the electrical panel can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments, offering resistance to dust, humidity and water jets.

    Why Choose this Panelboard

    Opting for the Three-Phase Swimming Pool Control Panel means choosing worry-free operation of your pool. The combination of advanced functionality, superior protection and ease of use makes this system the heart of a safe and efficient pool installation. From advanced thermal protection to the ability to customise to suit any power requirement, this electrical panel is designed to meet the most demanding needs.

    Versatile Applications

    In addition to its primary use in residential and commercial pools, this switchgear is perfectly suited for a variety of applications where electrical safety and operational efficiency are priorities. Its adaptable design makes it ideal for lighting systems, heat pumps and other ancillary pool equipment, providing a complete solution for the electrical management of your aquatic space.

    TheThree-Phase Swimming Pool Electrical Panel with transformer represents the state-of-the-art in pool electrical management technology. Its innovative design and advanced safety features position it as the preferred choice for pool owners and operators who do not compromise on safety, efficiency and convenience.

    Product Details

    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)265 x (W)300 x (D)130mm
    100W 12V AC
    300W 12V AC

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