Electrical panel for swimming pool with transformer

    Configurable WiFi Electrical Panel for Swimming Pools with Chlorinator *Required step

    WiFi electric panel for swimming pool with 12V AC safety transformer for LED and halogen lights. Capacity for transformer up to 300W. The transformer, as well as the optional controller are delivered installed inside. Includes contactor for chlorinator and circuit breaker.

    • Includes motor guard, select the most suitable for your filtration pump.
    • Includes WiFi controller for the pump, which allows you to turn off, turn on, view consumption and program the filtration pump.
    • Optional LED remote control or WiFi control (Allows you to turn the lights on and off)
    • Exclusive at Swimhome.es

    WiFi controlTo use the WiFi control system it is necessary to create an account in the SmartLife application. Please note that the WiFi reception must be excellent in the area of the electrical panel.
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      what is a Motor Guard used for?

      This is a key element in the construction of a swimming pool electrical panel. The motor guard is a magneto-thermal switch that protects the motor of your swimming pool against overloads or short circuits and, therefore, guarantees its safe use. It also extends the life of the motor.

      what is a chlorinator contactor for?

      For the correct operation of the salt chlorination system, the chlorinator must work in conjunction with the filtration system. This prevents the injected product from accumulating in the piping and causing damage to the filtration system or excessive consumption of the product.

      Usually, professionals connect the filtration system and the chlorinator system in the same socket, but this reduces the effectiveness of the motor guard and can affect the life of both the water pump and the chlorinator

      That is why at Swimhome we offer a contactor for the chlorinator system that will allow you to have an independent and synchronised socket for your chlorinator or PH systems, extending the life of your elements.

      3 years
      Dimensions (mm)
      (L)265 x (W)300 x (D)130mm
      100W 12V AC
      300W 12V AC
      For Chlorinator
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