Inverter Heat Pump for Swimming Pools Series...

    Inverter Heat Pump for Swimming Pools Series EBP BLACK

    Inverter Heat Pump for Swimming Pools

    Designed to operate in a wide temperature range, from -15ºC to 46ºC, this heat pump guarantees optimum water temperature under all weather conditions. Thanks to its DC Inverter technology and Twin Rotary DC compressors, it offers superior performance with low energy consumption and minimum noise.

    • Energy Efficiency: High COP in various temperature conditions.
    • Wi-Fi connectivity: Total control from anywhere via an app.
    • Soft Start System: Reduces current peaks, extending service life.
    • Durability: Corrosion resistant titanium heat exchanger.
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    Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps EBP BLACK

    The pool heat pumps of the EBP BLACK series represent the ideal solution for those looking to heat their pool in an efficient and sustainable way. These devices stand out for their ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -15ºC to 46ºC, ensuring optimum performance under any climatic condition.

    Innovative Features

    • DC Inverter Technology: Allows precise power adjustment, reducing energy consumption and increasing operating efficiency.
    • R32 refrigerant: Uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant that minimises environmental impact and improves heat transfer.
    • Wi-Fi connection: Facilitates remote control of the pump via a mobile app, allowing convenient adjustments from anywhere.
    • Versatility of Use: Suitable for a variety of pools, both residential and commercial, thanks to its adaptable design and high heating capacity.
    • Operating Modes: Includes Boost, Silent and Smart modes to suit specific user needs and optimise comfort.
    • Seawater compatible: EBP Black inverter heat pumps can run on seawater, saving fresh water.

    Benefits of EBP BLACK Heat Pumps

    By choosing EBP BLACK heat pumps, you benefit from a pool that is always ready to enjoy, with pleasant temperatures that extend the swimming season. Energy efficiency and low maintenance make these pumps a smart and sustainable investment for heating your pool.

    EBP BLACK heat pumps are the perfect choice for pool owners who value efficiency, sustainability and comfort. Their advanced technology and customisable features offer a superior heating solution, ensuring an exceptional swimming experience at any time of the year.

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