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Cool White LED Floodlight for Aboveground...

Cool White LED Floodlight for Aboveground Swimming Pool 18CM ø 24W

24W Cool White ABS LED Pool Spotlight: Optimise your pool lighting with this 18cm diameter LED spotlight, offering an intense cool white light with a 24W output. Made of durable ABS material and IP68 rated, it is perfect for wet and outdoor environments. Its energy efficiency ensures low power consumption, while its ultra-slim design makes it easy to install and adaptable to multiple environments.

  • Efficient Lighting: 24W of cool white light for bright, attractive spaces.
  • Tough and Durable: IP68 rated ABS construction, ideal for continuous outdoor use.
  • Easy Installation: Ultra-flat and versatile design for effortless integration into any space.
  • Energy Efficient: Low power consumption for sustainable and economical lighting.
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Introducing the innovative 24W Cool White ABS LED Pool Spotlight, a lighting solution specifically designed to transform your pool into an oasis of light and clarity. This advanced LED technology spotlight not only enhances the aesthetics of your aquatic space, but also ensures energy efficient and energy efficient lighting, ideal for those who value both functionality and design.

High Performance Lighting

With an output of 24W, this LED floodlight emits a powerful and uniform cool white light, capable of illuminating large areas with clarity and precision. Its 18cm diameter ensures extensive coverage, ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of water and creating bright, productive environments, whether in work areas or domestic spaces.

Robust Construction and Energy Efficiency

Manufactured from high quality ABS material, this LED spotlight is not only corrosion and salt water resistant, but also boasts an IP68 protection rating, making it perfectly suitable for use in outdoor and wet environments. In addition, its state-of-the-art LED technology ensures superior energy efficiency, significantly reducing electricity consumption and providing a sustainable solution for your lighting.

Simple and versatile installation

This LED spotlight has been designed with ease of installation in mind. Its ultra-flat shape and included accessories allow for simple and quick integration into any environment, whether mounted on the pool wall, integrated into landscaping or used to illuminate walkways and common areas. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications beyond the pool, including gardens, patios and other outdoor spaces.

Durability and Long Lifetime

With exceptional durability and long life, this LED floodlight is designed to reduce the need for frequent replacements. Its robust construction ensures that it will maintain its performance and aesthetics over time, providing a reliable and consistent light source to enjoy your outdoor space night after night.

In summary, the ABS 24W Cool White LED Pool Floodlight is an exceptional choice for those looking for high quality, efficient and long-lasting lighting for their pool or outdoor space. With its unique combination of performance, energy efficiency and versatile design, this LED floodlight is positioned as the ideal solution to illuminate and transform any space.

Product Details

3 years
Ø18 cm
Nominal Voltage
12V AC
Nominal Power (W)
Cool white (6000k)
Cable type
2 strands

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