LED RGB ON/OFF spotlight for swimming pool Ø15cm ABS

    LED RGB ON/OFF spotlight for swimming pool Ø15cm ABS

    RGB LED Pool Spotlight Ø15cm in ABS: Transform your aquatic space with vivid lighting and dazzling colours. This compact and powerful spotlight, easy to install without the need for additional tools, is ideal for any type of pool.

    • Easy Installation: Extra-flat design for perfect integration into the pool wall.
    • RGB Lighting: Bright colours and easy switching on and off, timer compatible.
    • Durable Material: Constructed from chlorine and salt resistant ABS, ideal for fresh and salt water pools.
    • Compact Design: Ø15cm offers impressive brightness without taking up a lot of space.
    • 10W
    • 15W
    VAT included

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    Light up your pool with elegance and technology

    Introduce a spectacle of light and colour to your pool with our ABS RGB LED Spotlight Ø15cm, designed to transform any aquatic space into a luminous oasis. This spotlight is not just a fixture; it is a centrepiece that redefines your pool experience, combining advanced technology, durability and exceptional design.

    Outstanding Features

    • Vibrant Colours and Easy Switching: Equipped with RGB technology, our LED spotlight allows you to change colours with the simple action of turning it on and off, creating customised ambiances for every occasion.
    • Compact and Elegant Design: With a diameter of only 15cm, this LED spotlight blends seamlessly into any pool wall, adding a touch of elegance without compromising on space.
    • Simplified Installation: Thanks to its extra-flat design and the absence of the need for special tools, installation is quick and hassle-free, ideal for renovations or new builds.
    • High Durability Material: Manufactured from durable ABS, this spotlight is designed to withstand both fresh and salt water, ensuring a long life against corrosion and the effects of pool chemicals.

    Unique Benefits

    The ABS RGB Ø15cm LED Floodlight not only enhances the aesthetics of your pool, but also offers functional advantages that set it apart:

    • Timer Compatibility: Its built-in memory allows the last colour selected to be retained, making it easy to use with timers and automation systems.
    • Adaptable to All Types of Pools: Its ABS construction makes it ideal for both freshwater and saltwater pools, offering versatility regardless of the type of installation.
    • Energy Saving: LED technology not only provides intense and varied lighting but is also energy efficient, reducing operating costs.

    Why Choose Our LED Spotlight

    Opting for our ABS RGB Ø15cm LED Floodlight is making the decision to not only illuminate your pool, but to create a magical and immersive atmosphere that enhances your aquatic experience. Its strength, efficiency and beauty make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best in pool lighting.

    Illuminate your pool with our LED spotlight and discover how a small change can have a big impact on your outdoor space. Its modern design, ease of use and durability make it a smart and attractive investment for any pool owner.

    Product Details

    Number and Type of LEDs
    Nominal Voltage
    12/24 AC
    Luminance (Lm)

    CE & RoHS
    RGB (2-wire cable)

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