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    KRIBA Laminated Filter with Selecting Valve for Swimming Pool

    KRIBA Laminated Filter for Pools and Spas: Advanced and efficient water protection. Designed with polyester resin and reinforced with fibreglass, it guarantees superior corrosion resistance.

    • Superior Efficiency: Equipped with 6-way selector valve for easy water management and maintenance.
    • Durable Construction: Non-toxic, corrosion resistant filter body with AISI 304 stainless steel hardware.
    • Easy to Use: Includes pressure gauge, water drain plug and air bleed for simple operation.
    • Adaptability: Available in 500 and 600 mm diameters, fits different sizes of pools and spas.
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    KRIBA Laminated Filter with Selector Valve for Pools and Spas

    The KRIBA Laminated Filter with Selector Valve represents the latest technology in pool and spa water filtration. With diameters available in 500mm and 600mm, this filter is designed to offer exceptional performance, durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring superior water quality and an unsurpassed swimming experience.

    Outstanding Features

    Constructed with a fibreglass reinforced polyester resin body, the KRIBA Laminated Filter is completely non-toxic and offers unrivalled corrosion resistance. This quality makes it perfect for both residential and commercial pools, ensuring a long service life and minimising the need for frequent replacement.

    The included accessories, both internal and external, are made of anti-corrosive materials and comply with DIN 8062, DIN 8063 and UNE 53112 standards, ensuring total compatibility and safety in installation and operation.

    Advantages of the 6-way selector valve

    The innovative 6-way selector valve facilitates filter management, allowing users to easily select between different filtration, backwash, rinse, recirculation, empty and closed modes. This not only optimises the maintenance process, but also extends filter efficiency and improves water quality.

    Simplified Installation and Maintenance

    This filter is equipped with an easy-to-read pressure gauge, a water drain plug and an air bleed to eliminate any air pockets, thus simplifying installation and maintenance. In addition, the 0.3mm slotted collector arm assembly ensures efficient and accurate filtration, keeping your pool or spa water clean and clear.


    Investing in the KRIBA Laminated Filter with Selector Valve is choosing a high quality filtration solution that guarantees clean and healthy water for your pool or spa. With its advanced design, corrosion resistant materials and ease of use, this filter offers the perfect combination of efficiency, durability and exceptional performance.

    KRIBA laminated filter for pool and spa, in 500 and 600 mm diameters

    • Filter body injected in polyester resin and reinforced with vacuum assisted glass fibre, totally non-toxic and corrosion resistant.
    • All filter accessories, both inside and outside, are made of corrosion-resistant materials and designed in accordance with the corresponding standards, DIN 8062, DIN 8063, UNE 53112.
    • AISI 304 stainless steel screws.
    • Equipped with pressure gauge, water drain plug, air vent, set of collector arms with 0.3mm slots and 6-way selector valve
    • Maximum working pressure of 2,5 Kg/cm2. Water temperature from 5° to 50° C.

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