Monobloc AQUALLICE B-WaterClean range - 1
    Monobloc AQUALLICE B-WaterClean range - 2
    Monobloc AQUALLICE B-WaterClean range - 1
    Monobloc AQUALLICE B-WaterClean range - 2

    Monobloc AQUALLICE B-WaterClean range

    Monobloc Aquallice B-Waterclean: Complete Solution for Pool Filtration

    • Filter Versatility: 300mm or 400mm diameter options to suit different sizes of above ground pools.
    • Efficient Pump Options: Includes 0.25hp and 0.35hp pumps, ensuring optimum performance and adaptability.
    • Advanced Filtration: Equipped with a blown-in strainer and 7-position selector valve, ensuring efficient water cleaning.
    • Easy Connection: Compatible with 32-38 mm hoses, facilitating installation and maintenance.
    VAT included

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    Monobloc Aquallice B-Waterclean: Innovation in Filtration and Pumping for Swimming Pools

    The Aquallice B-Waterclean Monobloc is a comprehensive and efficient solution for above ground pool filtration and pumping. Designed for high performance operation, this system combines a powerful pump with an advanced filter, ensuring crystal clear water in your pool.

    Versatile Filter and Pump Options

    Offering two filter sizes, with diameters of 300mm and 400mm, and two pump options of 0.25hp and 0.35hp, the Monobloc B-Waterclean fits the needs of a wide range of above ground pools. These options allow you to customise the system according to the size and type of your pool, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

    Advanced Filtration Technology

    The system features a blown-in strainer with a 7-position selector valve. This advanced design not only makes operation and maintenance easy, but also provides exceptional filtration, keeping your pool water perfectly clean and healthy.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance

    With 32-38mm hose connections, the Monobloc Aquallice B-Waterclean is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. This feature makes it ideal for pool owners looking for a practical and effective solution without additional hassle.

    Efficiency and Durability

    With a working pressure of 2 bar and a pre-filter included, this system not only offers long-lasting and reliable performance, but also ensures efficient energy use, resulting in significant long-term savings.

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