Aquarama Sil Pool Pump

    Aquarama Sil Pool Pump

    Enjoy an impeccable pool with the Aquarama SIL pump. Its silent operation will allow you to enjoy your pool without disturbance. Manufactured with high quality materials such as technopolymer, stainless steel, graphite, alumina oxide and aluminium, the Aquarama SIL pump offers you great durability and resistance.

    Equipped with a two-pole asynchronous motor, IP 55 protection and external fan, the Aquarama SIL pump guarantees you efficient and safe operation.

    Main features:

    • Quiet operation
    • High quality and durable components
    • Two-pole asynchronous motor with IP 55 protection
    • Built-in thermoamperometric protector and condenser
    • Socket fittings D.63 mm for suction and D.50 mm for delivery
    • 0,75 HP
    • 1,00 HP
    • 1,50 HP
    VAT included

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    Aquarama SIL Pump: Silence and Efficiency for Swimming Pools

    The Aquarama SIL pump is the ultimate solution for the recirculation and filtration of water in small and medium-sized pools. Designed for silent operation, this pump combines technological innovation and the highest quality materials to guarantee efficient and long-lasting performance.

    Quiet Operation

    One of the most outstanding features of the Aquarama SIL Pump is its ability to operate with a minimum noise level, making it perfect for environments where peace and quiet is paramount. This is achieved thanks to its two-pole asynchronous motor, which not only reduces noise but also offers superior energy efficiency.

    High Quality Construction

    Manufactured from technopolymer, stainless steel, graphite, alumina oxide and aluminium, the Aquarama SIL Pump is built for strength. These materials not only provide exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear, but also ensure long equipment life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

    Safety and Protection

    With its motor equipped with IP 55 protection, thermoamperometric protection and a built-in capacitor, the pump guarantees safe operation under all conditions. These features prevent overheating and possible damage, ensuring comprehensive protection for your pool filtration system.

    Simplified Installation and Maintenance

    In addition to its performance and durability, the Aquarama SIL pump stands out for its ease of installation. With fittings designed to glue D.63 mm on suction and D.50 mm on delivery, this pump easily adapts to different pool systems, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation.


    Opting for the Aquarama SIL pump means choosing a swimming pool motor solution that does not compromise performance for silence. Its advanced design, premium materials and safety features make it the perfect choice for those looking for efficiency, durability and quiet operation in their pool system.

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    3 years
    Cod: 114473


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    La bomba es fácil de instalar, funciona bien y es bastante silenciosa.

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