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    Self-Priming Swimming Pool Pump Model Aspire

    Aspire Self-Priming Pump for Pools and Spas: Innovation and efficiency in water recirculation. Manufactured with polypropylene and fibreglass body for maximum durability.

    • Heavy Duty: Reinforced polypropylene and transparent cover for safe operation.
    • Superior Performance: Stainless steel shaft and carbon mechanical seals ensure long life.
    • Proven Efficiency: Noryl and glass-fibre impeller and diffuser for optimum water flow.
    • Versatility: Single-phase and three-phase models available to suit any installation.
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    Aspire Self-Priming Pump

    The Aspire Self-Priming Pump is an advanced solution designed to optimise water recirculation in pools and spas. With a focus on durability, efficiency and adaptability, this pump sets a new standard in water care and maintenance.

    Robust Construction

    With a fibreglass reinforced polypropylene body, the Aspire Self-Priming Pump ensures exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear. Its transparent cover allows easy visual inspection of the pre-filter, while the pre-filter basket, also in polypropylene, effectively captures debris, protecting the internal mechanism.

    Efficient Performance

    The heart of the Aspire Pump is its stainless steel shaft, combined with carbon mechanical seals, which ensure smooth operation and long life. The impeller and diffuser, made of glass-fibre reinforced noryl, are designed to maximise water flow, reducing energy consumption and improving recirculation efficiency.


    Available in single-phase and three-phase models, the Aspire Pump adapts to any pool or spa system, providing a versatile solution for water recirculation needs. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial installations.

    Why Choose the Aspire Self-Priming Pump

    • Proven Durability: Built to last, the pump offers years of reliable service.
    • Energy Efficiency: Designed to minimise energy consumption while maximising performance.
    • Ease of Maintenance: Easy access to internal components for quick and efficient maintenance.
    • Universal Compatibility: Perfectly suited to a wide range of pools and spas.

    The Aspire Self-Priming Pool Pump not only meets expectations, it exceeds them, offering a comprehensive solution for pool and spa maintenance. Its commitment to quality and efficiency ensures an exceptional swimming experience with crystal clear, healthy water.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Cod: 113964

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