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    Espa Silen S Swimming Pool Pump

    Espa Silen S pump: Excellence in filtration and water recirculation for medium-sized pools. Innovative and silent design, guaranteeing a quiet environment.

    • Ultra Silent Operation: Enjoy a serene environment without the usual pump noise.
    • Self-priming up to 4m: Easy installation and maintenance, ideal for residential pools.
    • Durable Construction: High quality materials such as technopolymer ensure a long service life.
    • Efficient Motor: Class F with IPX5 protection, optimising energy consumption.
    • 0,60 HP
    • 0,75 HP
    • 1,00 HP
    • 1,50 HP
    • 0,60 HP TRIFÁSICA
    • 0,75 HP TRIFÁSICA
    • 1,00 HP TRIFÁSICA
    • 1,50 HP TRIFÁSICA
    VAT included

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    Espa Silen S Pump: Efficiency and Silence for your Swimming Pool

    The Espa Silen S pump represents a revolution in residential pool care and maintenance. This pool pump is an exceptional example of engineering and design, providing an efficient solution for the filtration and recirculation of water in your pool.

    Outstanding Features

    • Quiet: Advanced technology significantly reduces noise, making it one of the quietest pumps on the market.
    • Energy Efficient: Designed to minimise energy consumption without compromising performance, suitable for prolonged use.
    • Self-priming: Self-priming capacity up to 4 metres, making it easy to install and operate.
    • Robust Construction: Manufactured with high quality materials, guaranteeing durability and resistance to adverse conditions.

    Benefits for the User

    Opting for the Espa Silen S Pump means choosing a pool pump and pool maintenance without complications. Its innovative design not only ensures a quiet environment, but also offers an efficient and reliable pool pump solution ESPA. The ease of installation and its self-priming capability make it ideal for homeowners and professionals alike.

    Versatile Applications

    This pump is not limited to residential pools. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including spas and small commercial pools. The Espa Silen S is a pool pump ESPA is an excellent choice for those looking for an efficient and quiet filtration pump.

    Commitment to Quality and the Environment

    Our dedication to quality and the environment is unwavering. Each Espa Silen S pump is manufactured to strict quality and sustainability standards, ensuring that each product is not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

    Features of the Silen S series:


    Stand / Base: Included

    Pre-filter: Included

    Fittings: Glued

    Vent plug: Yes

    Check valve: No

    Electrical Characteristics

    Electrical insulation: Class F

    Service factor: S1

    Degree of protection: IP55

    Reset: Automatic

    Motor type: Asynchronous

    Motor rotation type: Constant speed

    Type of service: Continuous

    Constructive characteristics

    Intake diameter: D50

    Discharge diameter: D50

    Sealing by: Mechanical seal

    Stages: Single-stage centrifugal pump

    Motor cooling: Fan

    Suction connection type: Screw thread

    Type of connection at discharge: Threaded

    Impeller type: Closed


    Mechanical seal: Alumina-Graphite

    Suction body: PP + 30% GF

    Discharge body: PP + 30% GF

    Diffuser: PP + 30% GF

    Pump shaft: Stainless steel AISI 420

    Motor casing: Aluminium

    Impeller(s): PPO + 30% GF

    Seals: NBR

    Base material: PP + 30% GF

    Seal base material: Polyamide + 25% GF

    Pre-filter: PP + 30% GF

    Pre-filter cover: Polycarbonate

    Screws: Stainless steel AISI 304

    Limits of use

    Maximum number of motor starts (starts/minute): 0,5

    Maximum operating pressure (bar): 6

    Ambient temperature (ºC): Min: -10 - Max: 50

    Liquid temperature (ºC): Min: 4 - Max: 40

    Product Details

    Cod: 113977

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