GeoBubble RaeGuard: the heating blanket to save electricity in your heated pool

The energy crisis is driving up electricity costs in all households. From Swimhome we would like to talk to you today about the latest technology to achieve the best performance and savings in the use of your pool heat pump: the RaeGuard thermal cover from the famous Geobubble brand.

Geobubble is the benchmark brand in thermal blankets (or solar covers) on the market. It has been innovating for years and bringing improvements in pool maintenance and savings. In our catalogue of thermal blankets you will find the best models offered by this brand.

More and more people are looking to heat their pool with the help of solar systems or energy-efficient heat pumps. In this way they can enjoy their pool all year round, allowing them to do aquatic exercises or simply relax in the water.

However, heating a swimming pool requires a significant amount of energy and also increases water consumption by promoting evaporation.

That is why today we will focus on the savings that Geobubble's new and innovative model, the RaeGuard heating blanket, can bring to a heated pool.

which is better, RaeGuard thermal blanket or isothermal foam blanket?

The first thing that will catch your eye when you see a Rae Guard cover is the silver colour at the top and the white bubble at the bottom. The colour is not random. The reflective properties of the silver layer and the white bubble are designed to reflect and disperse radiative heat, and maximise reflection in the mid-infrared region. This, together with the double bubble characteristic of Geobubble covers, allows the water to be insulated from outside temperature conditions by reducing conduction loss, keeping the pool water warm and significantly increasing the efficiency of the heat generated by the pump. This, together with the almost complete elimination of evaporation, means that the pool's electricity consumption is drastically reduced.

When a pool is covered, instead of using energy to convert the water into steam, the water in your pool retains its thermal energy and stays warmer.

This translatesinto energy savings of 57% compared to a pool without a thermal cover, resulting in significant cost savings over the usual pool heating costs. The Rae Guard cover has 90% of the heat retention performance of a standard 5mm foam cover at a much lower price, allowing the cover to pay for itself in approximately 1 year of use. This coupled with the 8 year expected life (800 micron model) makes the GeoBubble RaeGuard cover the most cost effective option on the market.

All this is achieved with a much lower initial investment than the mousse type isothermal foam, so the result is that the RaeGuard model of GeoBubble is much more profitable.

when to install the GeoBubble RaeGuard cover?

Install RaeGuard:

It is recommended to install the RaeGuard model in heated pools that meet one of these two characteristics:

1 - Indoor or covered pools.

2 - Pools which, although they are outdoor pools, do not use the thermal blanket during the hours of sunshine.

3 - Outdoor pools that have very few hours of direct sunlight in the pool. In these cases the temperature increase of the Sol+Guard and EnergyGuard models would be negligible.

Install Sol+Guard or EnergyGuard:

It is recommended to install the Sol+Guard or EnergyGuard model in heated or unheated pools that meet the following characteristics:

1 - Outdoor pool that receives sunshine for several hours a day all year round.

2 - Pools that are going to have the thermal blanket on for a few hours of sun.

when to install the GeoBubble RaeGuard cover?

At Swimhome we have an online configurator that allows you to place your personalised order in just a few minutes.

Steps to follow:

1) Click on the link to enter the configurator: Geobubble RaeGuard 500 or 800 micronthermal blanket

2) You will find 4 tabs, you must fill in the data that you are asked for. The first thing to do is to find the most similar shape to our pool. If we do not find the shape of our pool, please contact via Whatsapp by message to 865 667 363 or by email to [email protected]

3) Once wehave chosen the shape, we will go to the Measurements tab where we will enter the measurements of the water surface, that is to say, the interior measurements of the pool. If you have any doubts, please consult our team.

4) In Model you must select how many microns you want your cover. For the Rae Guard we offer 500 micron or 800 micron models. Remember that the durability and effectiveness of your blanket will be greater the thicker the blanket is. Also choose where you want reinforcement. Please note that if you are installing a roller, you must choose the (minimum) reinforcement in the width where you are going to install it.

5) Options. In this section you can choose to include in your order (if you wish) the roller, a cover to cover the blanket when it is not placed in the pool (recommended), eyelets(necessary if you select a roller), cut-outs (for pools that have stairs or a steel railing that goes beyond the water surface line), rounded corners or a forward float (to spread your thermal blanket more easily through the water).

6) Any additional comments can be made in the Comments section at the time of ordering or you can contact us by the means indicated above.

Remember that you can count on the assistance of our team at any time during the process.

Thermal blanket GeoBubble RaeGuard 500 and 800 microns

Thermal blanket GeoBubble RaeGuard is a thermal blanket designed specifically for heat pump or heated pools. Its design manages to maintain the water temperature in heated pools like no other model on the market, reducing heating costs as a heat pump by 57%.Reduces heating costs by 57% Reduces the consumption of chemical products. Reduces filtering...
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