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    Aquarama IRI Pool Pump

    Aquarama IRI pump: Silence and efficiency at the heart of your pool. Designed for small to medium sized pools, this pump combines durability and superior performance.

    • Quiet Operation: Advanced technology ensures almost inaudible operation, perfect for quiet environments.
    • Quality Components: Constructed with technopolymer, stainless steel, and seals in graphite and alumina oxide, it offers a long service life.
    • Efficient Motor: With IP 55 protection and a two-pole asynchronous motor design, it ensures safe and efficient operation.
    • Versatile Installation: Includes D. 50mm glue fittings, facilitating easy installation and maintenance.
    • 0,33 HP
    • 0,50 HP
    • 1,00 HP
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    Aquarama IRI Pool Pump: Efficiency and Silence for Your Pool

    Introducing the Aquarama IRI Pump, a state-of-the-art solution designed to improve water recirculation and filtration in small to medium sized pools. This equipment combines state-of-the-art technology and premium materials to deliver an unparalleled pool water care experience.

    Silent Technology

    The Aquarama IRI pump is distinguished by its extremely quiet operation, making it ideal for residential environments where peace and quiet are essential. Thanks to its two-pole asynchronous motor with IP 55 protection, this pump operates efficiently without raising the noise level.

    Durable construction

    With a pump body, foot, seal bracket, and diffuser made of durable technopolymer, a stainless steel motor shaft, and a mechanical seal made of graphite and alumina oxide, the Aquarama IRI Pump is built to last. The aluminium motor housing and NBR seals ensure exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.

    Simplified Installation and Maintenance

    This pump has been designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. D. 50mm glue fittings on the suction and delivery side facilitate integration into any pool system, making set-up and maintenance quick and hassle-free.

    Safety and Security

    In addition to its performance and silence, the Aquarama IRI pump incorporates a thermoamperometric protector, ensuring safe operation at all times. This protection system prevents overheating and possible damage to the motor, extending the life of the equipment.

    The Perfect Choice

    If you are looking for a pool pump that combines efficiency, quietness and durability, the Aquarama IRI Pump is your best choice. Its advanced design and high quality materials ensure superior performance and minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy a perfectly clean and quiet pool.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Cod: 114471


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