Quick disconnect for 2.5" cable (50 pcs.) - 1

    Quick disconnect for 2.5" cable (50 pcs.)

    Improve the efficiency of your electrical connections with the 2.5" Cable Quick Disconnect, designed for safe and fast installation. This vinyl and copper insulated sleeve ensures excellence in conductivity and durability.

    • Superior Connectivity: Double crimped copper sleeve offers maximum conductivity and vibration resistance.
    • Fully Insulated: Full vinyl insulated protection for optimum safety.
    • Specific Use: Ideal for switch button connections, requires crimper for installation.
    • Convenient Pack: Available in packs of 50 units, perfect for large and small projects.
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    Discover the efficiency and safety offered by the 2.5" Quick Cable Disconnector, an essential component for any electrical installation requiring reliability and precision. This double crimped, fully vinyl insulated female disconnector not only facilitates the quick connection and disconnection of cables but also ensures optimum electrical conductivity thanks to its high quality copper sleeve.

    Outstanding Features

    The use of copper in the double crimp sleeve is no coincidence; this metal is known for its excellent electrical conductivity, which guarantees efficient and safe power transmission. The double crimping process strengthens the cylinder, increasing the durability of the connector and protecting the cable against stress and vibration, common conditions in industrial and domestic environments.

    Safety and Security

    In addition to its superior performance, this quick disconnect features full vinyl insulation. This insulation not only protects against electrical hazards, but also contributes to the longevity of the connector, preventing corrosion and wear that can be caused by exposure to the elements.

    Versatile Applications

    Specially designed for the final connection to switch buttons, the 2.5 Cable Quick Disconnect is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. From domestic installations to more complex systems in industrial environments, this disconnector ensures efficient installation and hassle-free operation.

    Easy to Use

    For correct and efficient use of the product, a crimper is required, a tool with which professionals are already familiar. This necessity underlines the importance of proper installation to ensure maximum efficiency of the disconnector.

    Packaging and Availability

    Considering the needs of various projects, the 2.5" Quick Disconnect is sold in packs of 50 units, allowing for efficient inventory management and ensuring that you always have enough connectors on hand to complete any job, large or small.


    In summary, the 2.5 Quick Cable Disconnector represents an optimal solution for those looking for efficiency, safety and durability in their electrical connections. With its high-quality design, ease of use and versatile applicability, this disconnector establishes itself as an indispensable component in any professional electrician's toolbox.

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