Toma de Corriente carril DIN 16A 2P+T - 1
    Toma de Corriente carril DIN 16A 2P+T - 2
    Toma de Corriente carril DIN 16A 2P+T - 3
    Toma de Corriente carril DIN 16A 2P+T - 1
    Toma de Corriente carril DIN 16A 2P+T - 2
    Toma de Corriente carril DIN 16A 2P+T - 3

    Power socket Schuko Modular 16A 2P+T Type F

    Modular Plug: This modular European F-type plug is designed to be installed on a DIN rail, offering a safe and easy to install connection solution. It supports up to 16 amps and 3680 W, ideal for your electrical panel.

    • Easy to install: Its compact design allows for quick and easy DIN rail integration.
    • High Performance: With a capacity of 16A and up to 3680W, it is ideal for a wide range of home and work applications.

    The DIN Rail Socket is the perfect choice for those who need a high quality schuko socket that is easy to integrate into their electrical system.

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    Tosun DIN-rail socket: Tosun DIN-rail socket, a high quality socket designed for efficient and safe installation in DIN-rail systems. This modular socket is ideal for a wide variety of applications in both domestic and professional environments.

    Features and Benefits:

    • High Load Capacity: Capable of handling up to 16 amps and 3680 W, this schuko socket is perfect for powering a wide range of devices and machinery, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted operation.
    • Universal Compatibility: As a European F-type plug, it offers wide compatibility and ease of use in a variety of equipment and electrical configurations.
    • Modular and Compact Design: Its streamlined construction allows for quick and easy installation into any DIN-rail equipped electrical panel, maximising space and improving panel organisation.
    • Safety Assured: With its robust design and high quality materials, the Tosun socket ensures a safe and reliable connection, reducing the risk of electrical failure.
    • 2P+T configuration: Offers full connectivity, suitable for most electrical applications at home and at work.

    Versatile Applications: The Tosun DIN Rail Socket is an ideal outlet for a variety of environments, from workshops and offices to homes and industrial spaces. Its ability to withstand a significant electrical load makes it suitable for equipment that requires a constant and reliable power supply.

    In addition to its primary functionality as a power socket, this modular plug also features a schuko socket, making it compatible with a wide range of devices and power tools used throughout Europe. Its intuitive design facilitates installation and maintenance, making the configuration of the electrical system a simpler and safer task.

    The Tosun DIN rail socket is an efficient, reliable and elegant electrical connection solution designed to meet the needs of any modern environment. Its ability to adapt to different applications and its ease of installation make it an indispensable element in any electrical system today.

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