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    Multifunction Timer Relay

    Multifunction Time Relay: A versatile and efficient solution for process automation and time control in various devices. This relay is ideal for controlling electrical appliances, lights, motors, pumps and fans, providing exceptional functionality.

    • Versatility in Functions and Timing: Offers 10 functions and 10 adjustable time ranges for precise customisation to the user's needs.
    • Universal Voltage Input: Supports a wide voltage range of AC/DC 12-240V, adapting to various power supplies.
    • Compact and Efficient: Despite its high functionality, it takes up minimal space, ideal for systems where space is a critical factor.
    • Simple Configuration: The operating elements are fitted with standard tools, facilitating quick and efficient configuration.
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    Multifunction Time Relay: Precise and Versatile Control

    Discover the advanced Multifunction Time Relay, designed to optimise and automate a wide range of electrical applications. This device is essential for those seeking efficiency, precision and flexibility in the management of electrical appliances, lighting systems, motors, pumps and fans.

    Advanced Technical Features

    • Wide Range of Functions: Equipped with 10 different functions, this relay adapts to various needs and applications, providing customised and efficient control.
    • Versatility in Time Ranges: With 10 adjustable time ranges, from 0.1 seconds to 10 days, it allows great flexibility for programming time-based events.
    • Universal Voltage Input: Accepts a wide voltage range of AC/DC 12-240V, making it compatible with different power supplies and global standards.

    Ease of Use and Configuration

    Configuration of the Multifunction Time Relay is simple and accessible. Using standard tools, adjustments can be made quickly and easily, making it ideal for a wide variety of users, from hobbyists to professionals.

    Compact and Efficient Design

    Despite its wide range of functions, this relay is characterised by its compact design, taking up little space in any panel or control system. This feature makes it particularly valuable in environments where space is a limited resource.

    Safety and Durability

    The Multifunction Time Relay is not only versatile and easy to use, but also guarantees safe and reliable operation. With a robust construction and compliance with international safety standards, it offers reliable long-term performance.

    Diverse Applications

    This relay is ideal for a variety of applications, including lighting control, heating systems, air conditioning, irrigation, and much more. Its ability to handle multiple functions and timings makes it an indispensable tool in any automation project.


    The Multifunction Time Relay represents a leap forward in time control and automation technology. With its ease of use, compact design, and versatility, it is the perfect solution for those looking to improve efficiency and accuracy in their electrical and automation systems. By investing in this relay, you are choosing a device that not only improves functionality but also provides long-term value and reliability.

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