Outdoor Electrical Panel for 60W DC Chlorinator with Contactor - 1

    Outdoor Pool Electrical Panel for Chlorinator 60W DC with Contactor for Motor and for Chlorinator

    Compact electric panel for swimming pool with motor guard and 12V DC transformer. Suitable for white LED lighting and RGB systems with 4 and 5 wires cable. Optionally includes WiFi remote control system or with remote control, which will allow you to select the color of your lighting in RGB bulbs as well as the intensity of brightness (optional). It has a 60W to 12V DC transformer capable of illuminating your LED spotlights with the lowest energy consumption. Thanks to having all the elements installed, its installation is simple for the end user. Includes installation manual.

    • Motor guard.
    • Includes Contactor for the motor
    • Includes Contactor for the chlorination system.
    • Clock for automatic control of the filtration pump.
    • Includes contactor for the chlorinator.
    Water pump
    Remote control for lighting
    Delivery in 24h
    VAT included Entrega en 24h

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    Swimming Pool Electrical Panel: Innovation and Efficiency in Lighting and Control

    Discover the Swimming Pool Electrical Panel, an integral solution for the management of lighting and control systems in swimming pools. This electrical panel is perfect for LED lighting systems, both white and RGB, compatible with 4 and 5-wire cables. Its advanced design includes a 60W to 12V DC transformer, optimising energy consumption and providing bright and efficient lighting.

    Control and Connectivity

    One of the most outstanding features is the option of remote control via WiFi or remote control. This functionality allows you to adjust the colour and intensity of the RGB spotlights, adapting the lighting to any environment or event. The remote control is an optional extra that adds versatility and convenience to your pool lighting system.

    Safety and Security

    • Built-in motor guard: Protects your equipment against overloads, ensuring safe and long-lasting operation.
    • Contactor for filtration pump and chlorination system: Optimises pump and chlorinator usage, improving system efficiency.
    • Contactorfor the motor: Provides greater durability and stability to the system, avoiding an overload on the timer.
    • 25A 30mA differential: Provides additional protection against residual currents, ensuring the safety of the electrical system.

    Advanced Functionalities

    The Swimming Pool Electrical Panel has a digital clock for automatic control of the filtration pump. This clock, with back-up and weekly programming, allows efficient and automated management of the filtration, reducing the need for manual intervention. It also includes a special contactor for the chlorinator, ensuring that it is only activated when the filtration pump is running, avoiding waste and optimising the chlorination process.

    Easy Installation and Use

    Thanks to its user-friendly design, the installation of the Pool Electrical Panel is simple and straightforward. It includes a detailed step-by-step manual, making it easy to start up. Whether for residential or commercial use, this electrical panel is the perfect choice for those looking for efficiency, safety and control of their pool system.

    ThePool Electric Panel is not only a functional component, but a significant improvement in the management and aesthetics of your pool. Its energy saving capacity, together with remote control options and advanced security, make it a smart and sustainable investment.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)220 x (W)250 x (D)120mm
    60W 12V DC
    For Chlorinator and for motor (2 contactors)

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