Outdoor Electrical Panel for 60W DC Chlorinator with Contactor - 1

    Outdoor Electrical Panel for 60W DC Chlorinator with Contactor

    Compact electric panel for swimming pool with motor guard and 12V DC transformer. Suitable for white LED lighting and RGB systems with 4 and 5 wires cable. Optionally includes WiFi remote control system or with remote control, which will allow you to select the color of your lighting in RGB bulbs as well as the intensity of brightness (optional). It has a 60W to 12V DC transformer capable of illuminating your LED spotlights with the lowest energy consumption. Thanks to having all the elements installed, its installation is simple for the end user. Includes installation manual.

    • Motor guard.
    • Includes Contactor for the motor
    • Includes Contactor for the chlorination system.
    • Clock for automatic control of the filtration pump.
    • Includes contactor for the chlorinator.
    Water pump
    Remote control for lighting
    Delivery in 24h
    VAT included Entrega en 24h

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    what is a Motor Guard used for?

    The motor guard is a fundamental element in the equipment of your electrical panel for swimming pool. It is a circuit breaker designed for the protection of electric motors. It provides superior protection against transient overcurrents typical in motor starts, providing protection against motor overloads and short circuits.

    what is a chlorination system contactor for?

    Chlorination and PH control systems need to operate at the same time as the water circulation system or pool pump. This allows the product generated to circulate into the pool without accumulating in the pipes, saving on electricity and chemicals

    In some cases this is achieved by connecting these elements to the same connection socket of the filtration pump, however this practice prevents a correct protection of the motor guard on the motor of your pool and reduces the life of these elements

    A contactor for the chlorination system will provide you with an independent connection socket for your chlorinator, PH or Redox pump that will be activated synchronized with the filtration pump of your pool, avoiding that the system works when the water is not circulating or that it does not work when it is filtering

    what is a motor contactor for?

    A motor contactor provides a higher resistance motor connection socket. This protects the motor and switchboard elements such as the timer by preventing the power supply load from passing through it. This is especially important in systems with pumps over 1kW power

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)220 x (W)250 x (D)120mm
    60W 12V DC
    For Chlorinator and for motor (2 contactors)
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