White LED Spotlight Ø15cm in ABS
    RGB LED Floodlight with cable 4 wires 15W Ø15cm...
    White LED Spotlight Ø15cm in ABS
    RGB LED Floodlight with cable 4 wires 15W Ø15cm in ABS surface for Swimming Pool

    RGB LED Floodlight with cable 4 wires 15W Ø15cm in ABS surface for Swimming Pool

    RGB LED Floodlight with 4-wire Ø15cm ABS Cable for Swimming Pool: Modern, compact and lightweight design. Offers longer life and usability.

    • More Efficient: Diameter of only 15cm, ideal for modern pools, with a lower energy consumption A++.
    • Salt Water Resistant: Made of ABS, resists salt water and chemical corrosion.
    • High Power: 15W RGB LED with 4-wire cable.
    • Easy Installation: 2.5cm extra slim design with over a metre of coiled cable for easy replacement.
    • Epoxy resin filled: Thinner and more durable.
    VAT included

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    ABS LED Floodlight Ø15cm compatible with WiFi Control

    The ABS LED Spotlight Ø15cm emerges as a perfect choice for those looking for modern and efficient pool lighting. This model is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater pools, and integrates harmoniously with any architectural design.

    Flexibility and Aesthetics

    Made of high-strength ABS, this spotlight withstands the corrosion characteristic of saltwater and chemical treatments without compromising aesthetics. Its compact 15 cm diameter design ensures a perfect visual blend with the pool environment, providing elegant and efficient lighting.

    Lighting Control and Customisation

    The Ø15cm ABS LED Floodlight includes a 4-wire cable and requires an external controller (not included) for operation. This allows synchronisation of all installed spotlights, making it easy to create personalised lighting moods for every occasion. Compatible with WiFi control systems, it offers accessible and advanced lighting management.

    State-of-the-art Airless technology

    Using airless technology, this spotlight is completely sealed with resin to eliminate air, thus improving its impermeability and significantly extending its useful life. This ensures consistent, high quality illumination.

    Simple and Quick Installation

    Designed for simple and straightforward installation, the ABS LED Spotlight Ø15cm is easily mounted on the pool wall without the need for specialised tools, facilitating a time and effort saving installation process.

    Opting for the ABS LED Spotlight Ø15cm means choosing a pool lighting solution that not only visually enhances the area, but also offers durability and energy efficiency, meeting all the expectations of any project.

    Product Details

    Number and Type of LEDs
    Nominal Voltage
    12/24 AC
    Luminance (Lm)
    Dimensions (mm)
    CE & RoHS
    RGBV+ (4-wire cable)
    RGBV+ Controller
    WiFi controller

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