Dolphin E30
    Dolphin e30 front-end pool cleaner
    dolphin e30 pool cleaner
    e30 dolphin robot
    dolphin e30
    Dolphin E30
    Dolphin e30 front-end pool cleaner
    dolphin e30 pool cleaner
    e30 dolphin robot
    dolphin e30

    Dolphin E30 Swimming Pool Cleaner Robot

    • Dolphin E30, robot pool cleaner for pools up to 12 meters long
    • Cleans the pool in 2-hour cleaning cycles
    • More precise navigation
    • Collects dirt and filters in BASKET with combined filter panels
    • Top opening for easy emptying and cleaning of the basket
    • Lightweight 7.5 kg
    • 18 meter cable.
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    Swimming Pool Cleaner Robot Dolphin E30

    • Dolphin E30 is an advanced performance robot with a compact design and excellent capacity to clean the walls, bottom and waterline of your pool up to 12 meters in length, in cleaning cycles of up to 2 hours.
    • PowerStream mobility system that improves the water flow that drives the Dolphin E30, allowing a lateral sweep of the waterline and optimizing its performance and efficiency.
    • Lightweight and Ergonomic. Weighing only 7.5 kg, its handling and emptying when removed from the pool is very easy thanks to its quick water release system.
    • Movement with caterpillars allowing a perfect adherence on any type of surface: gresite, polyester, concrete, liner, etc.
    • Active Double Brushing (Rear and Front), the Dolphin E30 incorporates a double brush that rotates at twice the speed of the robot cleaner cleaning the most encrusted dirt. Its rear brush is composed of PVA rings maximizing the holding capacity on all types of surfaces.
    • CleverClean navigation. It has a precise scanning system for the pool, ensuring a perfect cleaning.
    • Excellent filtration system. The Easy-Clean basket incorporates interchangeable panels in which we can select the level of retention we want for each occasion: spring filters (coarse sediment collection and start of season) or ultrafine filters (maintenance filtering level for the entire season).
    • 18 meter long, low consumptionpower supply and 18 meter long cable.
    • Reliability and warranty Dolphin. Manufactured by Maytronics, the world's leading manufacturer of robotic pool cleaners.

    Dolphin E30

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