PAR56 LED RGB ON/OFF Swimming Pool Lamp
    PAR56 Lamp Colors ON/OFF
    PAR56 RGB ON/OFF lamp
    PAR56 LED RGB ON/OFF Swimming Pool Lamp
    PAR56 Lamp Colors ON/OFF
    PAR56 RGB ON/OFF lamp

    PAR56 RGB ON/OFF lamp

    PAR56 RGB Pool Lamp with ON/OFF Control: Light up your pool with elegance and efficiency. These RGB lamps are perfectly synchronised with a simple switch, changing colours and programmes.

    • Reinforced Tempered Glass: Increased thickness and strength for superior durability in pool conditions.
    • ON/OFF Controller Compatibility: Easy synchronisation and colour changing via an external ON/OFF controller.
    • Powerful and Efficient Lighting: Designed to minimise energy consumption while maintaining powerful illumination.
    • 3 Year Warranty: Confidence and security in your investment, with an extended warranty.

    These PAR56 RGB lamps are the ideal solution to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your pool lighting.

    • 25W
    • 35W
    • 15W
    VAT included

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    PAR56 RGB Pool Light: Vibrant and Efficient Pool Lighting

    The PAR56 RGB Pool Light is an advanced lighting solution designed to transform your pool into an oasis of colour and light. With its innovative ON/OFF control system, these lamps are ideal for creating a stylish and synchronised ambience in your aquatic space.

    Highlights Features

    • Intuitive ON/OFF control: Change the colours and programmes of the lamps synchronously with a simple switch or push button. This feature allows for quick and easy operation while maintaining a uniform aesthetic throughout the pool.
    • Heavy Duty Tempered Glass: Thick, reinforced tempered glass provides exceptional durability, withstanding the extreme conditions of the pool environment without losing quality or light efficiency.
    • Compatibility and Versatility: These lamps are compatible with any external ON/OFF controller, making them versatile for various pool configurations.
    • Powerful and Economical Lighting: Designed for optimum energy efficiency, these lamps illuminate effectively with minimum consumption, guaranteeing bright and functional lighting.

    Warranty and Reliability

    With a 3 year warranty, these PAR56 RGB lamps offer not only superior quality and performance, but also total peace of mind on your investment. Each lamp is built to the highest standards, ensuring long life and consistent performance.

    Perfect for Any Style of Pool

    Whether for a residential or commercial pool, these RGB lamps provide vibrant and attractive lighting, perfect for any occasion. From family gatherings to social events, the PAR56 RGB Pool Light enhances the atmosphere of any aquatic environment.

    Choose the PAR56 RGB Pool Light for your pool and immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colour and energy efficiency.

    Product Details

    Nominal Voltage
    12V AC
    Nominal Power (W)
    Estimated Life (H)
    Energy Class
    CE - RoHS
    IP68 1m
    RGB (2-wire cable)

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    Foco piscina

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    Muy buen foco, lo pedí de 35w y uno me ilumina toda la piscina de 8x4 más, el cambio de color a través del apagado/encendido lo mejor, te olvidas de mandos que siempre están perdidos.

    0 1 2 3 4

    Gran foco

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Es justo como el que teníamos de halógeno. Ilumina perfectamente una piscina de 30 cúbicos. Tiene luces fijas y cambiantes. Es perfecto a un gran precio.

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