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4-wire LED RGB cable spotlight with WiFi control and transformer Gama Basic - 1
RGB with 2-wire cable
Standard crosshead
4-wire LED RGB cable spotlight with WiFi control and transformer Gama Basic - 5
4-wire LED RGB cable spotlight with WiFi control and transformer Gama Basic - 1
RGB with 2-wire cable
Standard crosshead
4-wire LED RGB cable spotlight with WiFi control and transformer Gama Basic - 5

WiFi Pool Floodlights Pack: Includes 2 RGB Floodlights, WiFi Controller & Transformer

Transform your pool with the 2 Pack of 18W RGB LED Floodlights, perfect for creating a vibrant and colourful aquatic environment. These extra-flat surface spotlights, suitable for saltwater pools, come with 4-wire cable and include WiFi controller, allowing efficient remote control from anywhere via home automation systems such as Tuya, SmartLife, Alexa or Google Assistant. Includes a 60W 12V DC power supply. They are installed by means of a standard bracket, making installation and replacement of old spotlights easier. These WiFi pool lights are the ideal solution for lighting up your pool.

  • 18W RGB LED spotlights for intense and efficient lighting.
  • WiFi remote control for effortless lighting management.
  • Compatibility with home automation systems for smart integration.

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2 Pack of RGB LED WiFi Pool Floodlights: Smart and Versatile Pool Lighting

Introducing the advanced 18W WiFi RGB RGB LED Pool Floodlight 2-Pack, designed to take your pool lighting to a new level of elegance and control. Ideal for any type of pool, including those with salt water, these lights feature the ability to integrate with WiFi and home automation control systems.

Vibrant and Efficient RGB Lighting

Each 18W spotlight offers a range of intense and bright RGB colours, capable of transforming your pool into a colourful and welcoming setting. The slim, aesthetically pleasing design blends seamlessly into the surface of any pool, providing uniform and attractive illumination.

WiFi Control and Home Automation Compatibility

  • The floodlights come equipped with WiFi remote control with remote control, allowing the lighting to be adjusted from anywhere, providing unprecedented convenience and flexibility.
  • Compatible with home automation platforms such as Tuya and SmartLife, as well as voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, these spotlights offer simple and efficient integration into your smart home system.

Simple and Versatile Installation

With their standard crosshead design, installation of these lights is quick and hassle-free, ideal for replacing old lights or for new installations. The WiFi pool lights include a 60W 12V DC power supply, ensuring a safe and adequate power supply for operation.

Durability and Resistance

Built to withstand the conditions of saltwater pools, these RGB LED floodlights are durable and robust, ensuring reliable performance and long life. IP68 certification guarantees resistance to water and harsh outdoor conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Customisable lighting that enhances the aesthetics and safety of your pool.
  • Wireless control for easy and convenient lighting management.
  • Seamless integration with home automation systems and voice assistants.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, ideal for any pool owner.

Pack of 2 LED RGB WiFi Pool Floodlights represents the perfect combination of advanced technology, stylish design and intuitive functionality. It is the ideal choice for those looking for a modern, efficient and easy to operate lighting solution for their pool.

Product Details

Nominal Voltage
12V DC
Nominal Power (W)
Energy Class
RGBV+ (4-wire cable)
WiFi controller
Cable type
4 threads

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