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Pack 2 Focos LED RGB ON/OFF 18CM 24W + Mando - 1

2 Colour Spotlights with ON/OFF Control 18CM 24W

  • Colourful Lighting: Energy efficient LED floodlights offer a vibrant and varied lighting experience for your pool.
  • Energy Saving: With only 24W of power, these lights combine efficiency with powerful colourful illumination.
  • Total Control: Includes remote control for easy switching between colours and lighting modes.
  • Compact Design: Its 18 cm diameter design allows for easy installation and adaptability to any pool.

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Revitalise your pool with the 2 LED Coloured Pool Light Saving PACK

The PACK Savings PACK of 2 coloured pool lights is the perfect solution for those looking to combine energy efficiency with innovation and personalisation. This set of energy efficient LED lights is designed to completely transform the atmosphere of your pool, offering vibrant and varied lighting that you can conveniently control from a remote control.

Vibrant and Efficient Lighting

With a 24W output, these LED floodlights not only save energy, but also provide an intense and colourful light capable of creating the perfect ambience for any occasion. Whether it's for a relaxing evening swim or a lively pool party, you have full control to adjust the colours and lighting patterns to suit your preferences.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

The remote control included in this pack allows you to switch between a wide range of colours and lighting modes without having to leave your lounging spot. This feature turns your pool into a dynamic and adaptable space, ready to match any mood or special event.

Adaptable and Easy to Install Design

These spotlights, with a diameter of 18 cm, are perfect for any type of pool, from the smallest to Olympic size pools. Their compact design makes them easy to install and ensures that they blend discreetly into your pool environment, enhancing its beauty without invading the space.

An Investment in Quality and Ambience

Opting for the PACK of 2 coloured LED pool lights means choosing high quality lighting that not only enhances the aesthetics of your pool but also contributes to a more sustainable environment thanks to its low energy consumption. Their durability and ease of use ensure that you will enjoy exceptional lighting for years to come, making your pool a favourite place for entertaining and relaxing.

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your pool into a luminous spectacle that will captivate all your guests. With this pack, you are just one step away from creating unforgettable experiences in your own home.

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