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Pack of 2 Basic Range White 35W 12V AC/DC LED Pool Floodlights with Transformer - 2 - -
35W Transformer Swimming Pool Floodlights
35W Transformer Swimming Pool Floodlights
Pack of 2 Basic Range White 35W 12V AC/DC LED Pool Floodlights with Transformer - 2 - -
35W Transformer Swimming Pool Floodlights
35W Transformer Swimming Pool Floodlights

35W Transformer Swimming Pool Floodlights

Light up your pool with our 2-pack of 35W LED spotlights, offering a warm white 3000K light and an impressive 3600 lumens of efficiency. Manufactured from high quality white ABS for durability, these surface mounted lights install easily on any wall. With an IP68 rating and advanced resin connections, they guarantee superior safety. Includes 12V AC and 100W transformer for a complete installation.

  • High Energy Efficiency: 35W emitting 3600 lumens for powerful and efficient illumination.
  • Quality Material: White ABS body resistant to extreme conditions.
  • Advanced Protection: IP68 with state of the art resin, ideal for any aquatic environment.
  • Transformer Included: 12V AC and 100W, facilitating safe and practical installation.

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LED Spotlight Pack with Transformer

Perfect lighting for your pool with our exclusive LED spotlight pack. Designed to combine aesthetics, functionality and durability, these 35W spotlights emit a warm white 3000K light, creating a welcoming and elegant ambience in your outdoor space. With an output of 3600 lumens, they ensure bright and efficient illumination, ideal for highlighting the beauty of your pool during the evenings.

Product Specifications

  • High Energy Efficiency: With only 35W of power consumption, these LED lights are capable of emitting 3600 lumens, offering a powerful yet economical lighting solution.
  • Durable Material: The body of each spotlight is manufactured from high quality white ABS, ensuring resistance against chlorine, salt and UV rays for a long life span.
  • Versatile Installation: Designed to be wall mounted as surface spotlights, they adapt perfectly to any pool design, offering flexibility in installation and maintenance.
  • Superior Protection: Each floodlight has an IP68 protection rating, including state-of-the-art resin in the connections to prevent any type of water infiltration, guaranteeing safety and durability in wet environments.

Transformer Included

For a complete and safe installation, the pack includes a 12V AC 100W transformer, designed to power both spotlights efficiently. This transformer is essential to convert domestic current into a safe current for your pool, avoiding electrical hazards in wet areas.

Lighting and Safety

As well as improving the aesthetics of your pool, the correct lighting plays a crucial role in safety at night, allowing clear visibility of the perimeter and interior of the pool. This pack of Pool Spotlights with Transformer not only beautifies your space but also contributes to creating a safe environment for carefree enjoyment.

Choose our Transformer Pool Floodlight pack for a complete outdoor lighting solution. With their high energy efficiency, durability and ease of installation, these lights are the ideal choice for any pool owner looking for quality, safety and beauty in their outdoor lighting.

Product Details

Number and Type of LEDs
Nominal Voltage
Luminance (Lm)
Nominal Power (W)
Estimated Life (H)
30 000 H
Dimensions (mm)
Energy Class
Warm white (3000k)
100W 12V AC
Cable length
1,8 m
Cable type
2 strands

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