Transparent thermal blanket for swimming pool
    Thermal blanket OXO Cristal 500 microns
    Transparent thermal blanket for swimming pool
    Thermal blanket OXO Cristal 500 microns

    Thermal blanket OXO Cristal 500 microns *Required step

    The thermal blanket Gama OXO Cristal is able to heat your pool water up to 10ºC thanks to the use of solar energy. Its exclusive large rounded bubble OXO allows a greater buoyancy achieving a better insulation, and its bubble arrangement in line facilitates the folding and rolling of the same.

    • It pays for itself very quickly.
    • More than 6 years of expected service life.
    • Reduces chemical consumption.
    • Reduces filtering time by up to 50%.
    • Increases water temperature up to 10ºC.
    • Reduces energy consumption by more than 60%.
    • Eliminates water evaporation by more than 98%
    Production and delivery timeCustom made thermal blankets have a production lead time in addition to the shipping lead time. Currently the delivery time is 5 - 7 days.
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    Thermal Blanket Cover OXO Cristal

    Main characteristics
    • The thermal blanket that heats the most water in your pool
    • Increases the water temperature by up to 10°C
    • Discreet design, being transparent, it is hardly noticeable when it is on
    • Reduces energy consumption by up to 60%
    • Reduces filtering and heat pump usage time
    • Eliminates water evaporation by 98%
    • Reduces debris contamination
    • Over 6 seasons of service life (500 micron) and over 8 seasons of service life on 800 micron model.
    • With extra large bubble technology OXO

    Cristal range of OXO, heat your pool with solar energy

    The transparent pool cover material OXO Cristal transmits 80% of the solar energy in the visual and infrared spectrum through the material directly to your pool, this allows you to heat more water by simply having the solar blanket on during sunny hours

    Its optimized design achieves a greenhouse effect optimizing, this will allow you to achieve a significant increase in the temperature in your pool and save on the use of heaters or heat pumps. At the same time it drastically reduces evaporation, with the loss of energy that this entails.

    In warm environments such as in Spain and Portugal, it is possible to obtain more than 10°C above the ambient temperature of the pool in sunny pools, which reduces the heating demand by up to 70% without the need for a heat pump or solar panels.

    Captación Solar

    The transparent pool cover material Cristal from OXO 500 micron transmits 80% of the solar energy in the visual and infrared spectrum through the material to heat the pool water and basin. This allows you to heat your pool water with the energy provided by the sun.

    Retención de calor

    The unique, larger OXO bubble technology creates an insulating air chamber that prevents heat from escaping from your pool and ensures superior buoyancy.

    Control de evaporación

    The Gama Cristal blankets of OXO eliminate practically 100% of the evaporation of the water in your pool, saving water and eliminating the loss of heat that this entails.

    Control de escombros

    Covering your pool prevents dirt, leaves, insects and other debris from entering the pool, maintaining a clean and pleasant swimming environment and reducing the demand for chemicals

    Expected useful life
    Winter cover
    Keeping the pool cool
    Chemical reduction
    Filtration reduction
    Algae inhibition
    Solar gain
    Heat retention
    Evaporation control
    OXO Cristal-19782

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    Buen material, parece fuerte y resistente. Todos los años el agua de la piscina ha estado a 23-24º, y no ha subido de 26ºC. En 2 semanas que llevo usando esta manta térmica, ha marcado medias de 28º y máxima de 30º, y eso que aún no ha llegado el verano!!

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