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Discontinuous Duty Blower Pump 1.9hp

Blower Pump Tornado 1.9HP, powerful and efficient for spas and applications requiring air agitation.

  • Power and Performance: 1.38 kW (1.9 HP), optimising airflow in water treatment installations.
  • Versatile Flow: Q(l/s) capacity from 3.9-68.9, with a minimum head of 0.1m and a maximum head of 3.1m, suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Durable Design: Made in Spain, the pump guarantees quality and durability.
  • Multiple Applications: Ideal as a spa air pump or air agitator, it fits a variety of aeration needs.
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Blower Pump Tornado 1.9HP for Spa and Aeration

The Blower Pump Tornado 1.9HP is an essential tool for effective aeration and water quality improvement in a variety of environments, from spas to ponds and water treatment.

Outstanding Technical Features

This robust model, part number 4114-1100, is a high power solution, rated at 1.38 kW and a capacity of 1.9 horsepower (HP), offering a strong and constant airflow, indicated by its "AIR FLOW" signage. Operating at a frequency range of 50-60 Hz and with a current of 6.0 A, the blower pump handles a flow rate ranging from 3.9 to 68.9 litres per second (l/s), with a lift capacity from 0.1 to 3.1 metres (H(m)), adapting to intensive aeration needs.

Construction and Durability

Manufactured in Spain, its heavy-duty construction ensures long life and reliable performance. Users can rely on its durability thanks to the solid construction expected of high quality European products.

Uses and Applications

The Tornado 1.9HP Air Pump is commonly used in spas to provide the relaxing and therapeutic bubbling that is so appreciated by users. In addition, its efficiency makes it ideal as a spa pump, enhancing the whirlpool experience through a constant and regulated airflow. In industrial and water treatment applications, it acts as an air agitator, essential in wastewater treatment systems, garden ponds and large aquariums, where proper aeration is crucial to maintaining a healthy aquatic environment.

The blower filter is also a key player in agricultural and aquaculture applications, where oxygenation of the water is required to sustain aquatic life. Its ability to operate at different water heads and its robust flow rate make it a versatile solution for maintaining optimum water quality in a variety of environments.

In summary, the Tornado 1.9HP Blower Pump is a must-have device for any system requiring efficient and reliable aeration, highlighting its usefulness in residential and commercial environments alike.

Product Details

1KW/1.5 HP
Nominal Voltage
Tube diameter
3 Kg


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Buen producto. Envio muy rápido. Buena atención. Una pena que estuviese agotado el Soplante de 2kw.

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Es realmente potente para hacer que una piscina media se transforme en un spa, precio muy competitivo

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Bomba jacuzzi spa

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El producto, según lo especifecado, calidad precio correcto y el envio, súper rápido.Es el segundo pedido que realizo y los dos perfectos. Si necesito algo, no dudaré en pedirselo a ellos.Gràcias.

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