Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 1 -
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 3
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 1 -
    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm - 3

    Modular analogue timer DIN rail 18mm

    The Modular Analogue Timer with 100h Reserve allows us to programme the automatic switching on and off of electrical equipment that we use on a daily basis.

    It is very practical for automating the management of lights, irrigation systems and swimming pool purifiers.

    It is prepared to be installed on DIN rail, has a 220-240V AC power supply, a maximum load capacity of 16 A / 220V AC / 3500 W.

    It has a minimum adjustment interval of 15 minutes per day, allowing systems to be automated 24 hours a day. Cable connection capacity up to 2.5 mm².

    It has IP20 protection and CE & RoHS certificates.

    VAT included

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    It has a small battery to protect against power failure.

    This switch has a backup time of 100 hours.

    With the help of the Modular Analogue Timer with 100h Backup we no longer have to worry about repetitive tasks such as watering the garden, turning on the purifier or turning on and off any other electrical device during certain hours of the day.

    *WARNING: The first time the timer is switched on, it must be kept on for at least 30 minutes at a time for it to operate normally. Do not keep disconnected for a long period of time.

    Temperature condition
    Electrical life (times)
    Mechanical life (times)
    Contact capacity
    AC220V 16A
    Full-time range
    Contact resistance
    Insulation resistance
    Coil voltage
    Battery storage
    Minimum unit of adjustment
    15 minutos
    Adjustment times
    96 times
    +/- 3 sec/day
    Working temperature
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    He comprado el temporizador para la piscina, ya que he tenido dos anteriores y se estropearon, este lo instalé hace varios días y de momento va genial, espero que dure más que los anteriores.

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