Outdoor Electrical Panel for 60W Transformer for Chlorinator - 1

    Outdoor Electrical Panel with 60W Transformer for Chlorinator

    Compact outdoor electrical panel with transformer for swimming pool with motor guard and 12V DC transformer. Suitable for white LED lighting and RGB systems with 4 and 5 wire cable. Optionally includes WiFi remote control system or with remote control, which will allow you to select the colour of your RGB spotlight lighting as well as the intensity of brightness. It has a 60W to 12V DC transformer capable of illuminating your LED spotlights with the lowest energy consumption. Thanks to having all the elements installed, installation is simple for the end user. Includes installation manual.

    • Motor keeper.
    • Includes 12V DC 60W transformer.
    • Clock for automatic control of the filtration pump.
    • Includes contactor to power the chlorinator and the PH pump synchronised with the filtration pump.
    Water pump
    Remote control for lighting
    VAT included Entrega en 24h

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    Outdoor Electrical Panel with Transformer: The Ultimate Solution for Swimming Pools

    Introducing the "Outdoor Electrical Panel with Transformer", an engineering marvel designed to revolutionise the electrical management of your pool. This system not only simplifies electrical distribution, but also takes safety and energy efficiency to a new level.

    Innovative Features

    • 60W 12V DC transformer: Ideal for LED lighting and RGB systems, ensuring efficient lighting with low energy consumption. DC power supplies offer the best response for LED compatible lighting and are essential for systems with 4 or 5 wire cable.
    • Motor Guard and Differential Protection: Incorporates a 25A 30mA differential and a motor guard for optimum protection against overloads and short circuits.
    • Filter Pump Timer: Allows automatic and efficient control, ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of your pool water.
    • Chlorinator/PH Pump Contactor: Facilitates synchronised operation with the filtration pump, improving water quality and reducing maintenance.

    Why Choose Our Electrical Panel for Swimming Pools?

    The "Outdoor Electrical Panel with Transformer" is more than a product; it is an investment in comfort and safety. Its compatibility with white LED lighting and RGB systems allows you to customise the atmosphere of your pool, while the option of WiFi remote control or remote control gives you full control over the intensity and colour of the light. This electrical panel is designed to be intuitive and easy to install, even for non-technical users, thanks to a detailed installation manual and user-friendly design.

    Safety and Energy Efficiency

    We prioritise your safety and energy efficiency. The 60W to 12V DC transformer ensures minimal power consumption, while protection features such as the circuit breaker for the lights and the motor guard guarantee safe and reliable operation. This electrical panel is the perfect solution for those looking for efficient and safe energy management for their pool installations.

    Opt for the Outdoor Electrical Panel with Transformer and enjoy a unique lighting and safety experience for your pool. A product that not only illuminates, but also transforms your aquatic environment.

    Product Details

    3 years
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L)220 x (W)250 x (D)120mm
    60W 12V DC
    For Chlorinator

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