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RGB LED Spotlight 4 Wires | 23CM ø 35W - Multicolour Pool Lighting - 1
RGB LED Spotlight 4 Wires | 23CM ø 35W - Multicolour Pool Lighting - 2
RGB LED Spotlight 4 Wires | 23CM ø 35W - Multicolour Pool Lighting - 1
RGB LED Spotlight 4 Wires | 23CM ø 35W - Multicolour Pool Lighting - 2

RGB LED Spotlight 4 Wires | 23CM ø 35W - Multicolour Pool Lighting

RGB 4-Wire 35W ABS LED RGB Floodlight: Light up your pool with vibrant colours and dynamic effects. This energy-saving LED spotlight, with a diameter of 23 cm, offers intense and customisable RGB lighting through 4 wires. Made of ultra-thin and durable ABS material, it is ideal for home automation systems, providing a unique lighting experience for any environment.

  • Customisable Colours and Effects: Wide range of RGB colours and various effects for dynamic environments.
  • Power and Clarity: 35W of power for vibrant and extensive illumination.
  • Easy Installation: Modern and simple design, compatible with WiFi controllers and home automation systems.
  • Durability: Constructed from ABS, ideal for long life and superior resistance.
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Explore the lighting revolution with the 35W RGB 4-Wire ABS LED Spotlight, an innovation designed to transform your pool or any outdoor space into a spectacle of light and colour. This energy efficient LED spotlight not only illuminates efficiently, but also allows you to customise the ambience with a wide range of vibrant colours and dynamic effects, perfectly suited to any occasion or mood.

Customisable RGB lighting

With its advanced 4-wire RGB system, this 23cm diameter, 35W LED spotlight offers precise control over the colour spectrum, giving you the freedom to create unique and personalised ambiances. From soft hues for a relaxing evening to intense colours for a pool party, the possibility to adjust the lighting to your liking is endless.

Power and Efficiency

Despite its impressive lighting capacity, this LED spotlight maintains minimal energy consumption, standing out as a sustainable solution for illuminating spaces. LED technology ensures powerful and even light dispersion, illuminating large areas with ease and efficiency.

Modern and Durable Design

Made of high quality ABS, this LED spotlight is not only ultra-slim and aesthetically pleasing, but also exceptionally resistant to adverse outdoor conditions. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting durability and optimum resistance to corrosion and wear, making it ideal for continuous use in wet and aquatic environments.

Compatibility with Home Automation Systems

This LED spotlight is designed to integrate seamlessly with modern home automation systems, offering an intelligent and automated lighting experience. Through WiFi controllers (not included), you can easily manage the lighting from any smart device, providing unprecedented convenience and flexibility in the configuration of your space.

Simple Installation

Installation of the 35W RGB 4-Wire ABS LED RGB Spotlight is surprisingly simple, thanks to its design for quick and hassle-free integration. Its compatibility with a variety of surfaces and the inclusion of all necessary accessories allow for versatile placement, whether on the pool wall, in the garden or in any other outdoor space.

In conclusion, the 35W RGB 4-Wire LED Floodlight in ABS represents the perfect fusion of advanced technology, energy efficiency and innovative design. It is the ideal choice for those looking to elevate the aesthetics of their spaces while enjoying the latest technology in customisable and sustainable lighting.

Product Details

3 years
Ø23 cm
Nominal Voltage
12V DC
Nominal Power (W)
RGBV+ (4-wire cable)
RGBV+ Controller
WiFi controller
Cable type
4 threads

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