Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 4
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 5
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 6
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 7
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 3
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 4
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 5
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 6
    Lampara LED PAR56 ABS 24W BLANCO/RGB +MANDO - 7

    LED PAR56 Acrylic Lamp 24W White/RGB + Remote Controller

    LED PAR56 Pool Light: Transform your pool or fountain with vibrant lighting. Available in White and RGB models with remote control for a personalised and captivating lighting experience.

    • Tough and Durable: Designed to resist corrosion from chemicals and salt water, ideal for any aquatic environment.
    • Secure Installation: When installed inside the niche, total waterproofing and protection of connections from water is guaranteed.
    • Radio Frequency Remote Control: On the RGB model, easily select colours and lighting effects remotely to create the perfect ambience.
    • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all standard PAR56 niches on the market, making it easy to upgrade or install.
    • Energy Efficient: With only 24W of power, it offers bright, high-intensity lighting with low power consumption.
    • Blanco 24W
    • RGB 24W with remote control
    • 30W Blanco 6000k
    VAT included

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    LED PAR56 LED Pool Light: High Quality Underwater Lighting

    The LED PAR56 is a superior choice for those looking to enhance the aesthetics and safety of their pool or fountain. This product not only provides exceptional illumination but also stands up to harsh aquatic conditions thanks to its robust construction and quality materials.

    Vivid Colours and Complete Control

    Available in White and RGB versions, the PAR56 LED light offers a rich and vibrant colour palette. The RGB model includes a radio frequency remote control, allowing you to change colours and select desired lighting effects from the comfort of your home or poolside, creating moods from relaxing to festive at the touch of a button.

    Waterproof and Corrosion Proof Design

    Durability is a key feature of this lamp, with special resistance against corrosion from chemicals and salt water. Once installed inside the corresponding niche, the lamp becomes completely waterproof, ensuring that your connections are protected at all times.

    Compatibility and Easy Installation

    This PAR56 lamp is designed to be compatible with all standard niches on the market, ensuring easy installation and seamless integration into your existing lighting system. Manufactured from high strength ABS, it prevents breakage due to thermal shock and prolongs the life of the product.

    Superior Energy Efficiency

    With a power output of only 24W, the PAR56 LED pool light illuminates powerfully without incurring high energy consumption. It is an efficient lighting solution that contributes to saving on electricity bills while providing bright and clear light underwater.

    The PAR56 LED pool light is the ideal choice for any aquatic lighting project. It offers not only beautiful and functional underwater lighting but also a long-lasting and energy efficient solution. Immerse yourself in the beauty of well-designed and safe pool lighting with the LED PAR56 lamp.

    Product Details

    Nominal Voltage
    12V AC
    Nominal Power (W)
    Estimated Life (H)
    CE & RoHS
    Cool white (6000k)
    RGB (2-wire cable)
    Remote Control
    LED opening angle

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